Back To School: Free Printable Lunch Box Notes

As we get ready for the back to school season, I am making lists of things I need to get and things I need to do. In the process, I came across the Lunch Box Notes that I designed for my daughter last year as she headed off to Kindergarten. It was a big year for her, and I wanted her to know I was thinking about her during the day. So I continued a tradition that my mom did for me — lunch box notes.

Sometimes my notes are as simple as a hand-drawn heart or star with a Sharpie on a plastic baggie in her lunch, other days I made little sentences with her sight words, still other days I write a quick “I ♥ You” on a Post-It Note.

But many days I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to think of something clever or even grab a pen. To combat the lunch box rush I designed a series of lunch box notes so that I always had something on hand to quickly toss in her lunch box. Since she was just starting to read, I also used simple, illustrated phrases to help her with word recognition. But they are general enough to be used with any age.

Download your Free Printable Lunch Box Notes.

Free Lunch Box Notes Printables
To help you add an extra touch to your student’s meal, enjoy these printable lunch box notes. Just print them out, cut up the cards and store in your pantry so you can grab a quick note to toss your child’s lunch box to brighten their day. 

And print. Whew, that’s one more thing checked off my back-to-school to-do list. A fresh stack of lunch box notes are ready and waiting to be tucked into K’s lunch. 

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