Free Toy Story Party Printables

Since posting details of my daughter’s Toy Story Birthday Party, I have received regular requests for my party printables. I am finally getting around to sharing the free Toy Story Party Printables. I hope moms planning Toy Story parties will enjoy the free printables – my labors of love 😉

Free Toy Story Party Printables

Free Toy Story Party Printables

This post is full of links to purchase items for your Toy Story party. If you purchase anything from these links, I will receive a small percent of the purchase price. It doesn’t cost you anything more, but it helps me be able to offer my printables for free – instead of selling them. Thanks!

Toy Story Party Food Labels

I am all about themed food, so for the Toy Story birthday party I made Toy Story food. To go along with the cute food ideas, I made food labels featuring Toy Story clouds and the Etch-a-sketch.

Download the Toy Story food labels here. 

I am providing blank food labels so you can customize your food. You can use photoshop or PicMonkey (free) to add text to the food labels. The font I used is “Lucky Guy.”

Toy Story Food Ideas

Toy Story Cupcake Toppers / Tags

At one point my daughter wanted cupcakes for her Toy Story party, so I designed cupcake toppers. Well, birthday girl is allowed to change her mind, and she ended up wanting cake instead. But I still had these cute cupcake toppers, so I used them as decoration throughout the party. Tapping the Toy Story tags to various items. They were still cute, and you can download them for your own cupcakes or just for decoration.

Download the Toy Story cupcake toppers here.

Toy Story Cupcake Toppers

Toy Story Printable Signs

Here’s one of my party secrets. Ready? I am often asked about the frames I use for my party printables. “Where did you get the cute red frames (or the pink or whatever color)?” The truth is they are old frames that came out of my husband’s grandmother’s house. We kept the old photos, and instead of trashing the frames I spray paint them for my party needs! It works great, and I always have a coordinating look.

If you don’t have old frames, these cheap ones from Walmart will do the trick.

For my Toy Story party, I created art for these frames featuring Toy Story catchphrases. (Sometimes I use the frames for photos of the birthday girl.)

Download the Toy Story Printable Signs:

Toy Story Decorations Picture Frame

Toy Story Thank You Tags

For party favors, I found Toy Story Pez dispenser – so fun! I made printable Thank You tags, and tied one around each Pez dispenser with a piece of red and white baker’s twine. It was simple, and the kids love it!

Pez Candy Inc Toy Story Pk, 1-Count (Pack of 12)Pez Candy Inc Toy Story Pk, 1-Count (Pack of 12)Bakers Twine 240yd 4Ply Striped Cherry RedBakers Twine 240yd 4Ply Striped Cherry Red

Download the Toy Story tags here. 

Toy Story Party Favor Gift Tags

Toy Story Party Banner

The printable I am asked about the most often is the Toy Story 3 banner. The images for this banner were the Toy Story 3 movie posters. You can find them all by doing a Google search, but since I am asked about them so often, I am including below.

The images have been resized to a 4×6, and I printed them as photos at Walgreens. I used yellow washi tape to cover wood clothespins, and then I pinned them to some red rafia. My daughter loved the banner so much that after the party, the one I created for the front door hung on her door for about a year.

Wood Clothespins with Spring, 100-Pack, 3.3-inches LengthWood Clothespins with Spring, 100-Pack, 3.3-inches LengthShappy Paper Craft Ribbon Raffia Roll, 1/ 4 Inch by 100 Yards, RedShappy Paper Craft Ribbon Raffia Roll, 1/ 4 Inch by 100 Yards, RedStriped Japanese Washi Masking Tape - Yellow ChevronStriped Japanese Washi Masking Tape – Yellow Chevron

Download the Toy Story 3 Banner Images here. 

Toy Story Birthday Party Decorations

There you have it, all of the printables I created for my party for you to download for free!

I created the individual letters for Sydney Story 3 by hand, and I have made them for people from time to time. If you would like your own birthday logo created, please email me. If I am available to make one for you, I will let you know. These days it depends if time allows me to do so. (Sorry, I don’t make these for free.)

Toy Story Decorations

Here are more of my favorite Toy Story decorations and supplies:

Find more Toy Story inspiration on my Toy Story Pinterest board.

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  1. Hi There,

    How did you make the large “Sydney Story 3” sign? The one behind the food table. I just have a regular printer at my house. I’m wondering if I would have to print out 1 letter at a time, cut them out, and piece it together. Would love to hear what you did. Thank you!


    • Hi Jennifer – I designed it by creating the individual letters in Photoshop. Unfortunately, of all the things I made, that’s the one that’s hard to duplicate without knowing Photoshop. Sorry.

        • I always use a heavier cardstock paper for my printables. For the thank you tags, I use my HP printer. But for the larger prints (like the signs), I send them to be printed. I usually use FedEx, sometimes Staples. Otherwise, I get a line in them from my printer.

    • My daughter’s birthday is in the fall. I bought them at the dollar store when they have them for Halloween. They are foam cowboy hats, I used a hole punch and ribbon to add the detail to make them look like Jessie hats. (I did brown hats for the boys.) Amazon has some, but they are about $9 each vs the $1 I paid.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! I’m planning a party for my little guy later this summer. Can’t wait to use these! I’ll be sure to reference your site when I post pics.

  3. Thank you SO much for sharing your items! I have a soon to be 3 year old who is Toy Story obsessed! These will help make this Woody Birthday (as he says) one of a kind! THANK YOU!

  4. Thank you soo much for sharing everything turned out amazing. I was wondering the little boots you have eith chocolate And worms inside what were those made with they are sooo cute

    • Unfortunately, those images are Disney images designed for the Toy Story 3 movie. It just worked out perfect for me that it was my daughter’s 3rd birthday. But I don’t have anything for TS2.

    • In the upper right corner in Dropbox you will see 3 dots (…). Click those and a dropdown menu will appear that includes “download.” Enjoy!

    • I made the Claw out of the side of a cardboard box and then covered it in aluminum foil. I had to tape the foil in spots because it didn’t want to stay, but I was able to hide most of the tape. Good luck!

  5. Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity! I absolutely loved everything! My daughter was thrilled with the Toy Story themed 3rd birthday party! It was so kind of you to post these amazing FREE printables! I cannot thank you enough. You are so wonderful.

    • Awe! This makes me so happy. I am glad you had such a great party for your little one. Thanks for taking the time to come back to let me know. 🙂


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