All About Me Free Printable – First Day Of School Tradition

The first day of school is a mile marker, and I am obsessed with taking pictures to preserve the rite of passage. Although pictures speak a thousand words, they don’t tell the whole story. Part of what is exciting about a new school is how much kids change in a single year – what they learn, what they like, how they write and think and, of course, how they look. In thinking about how to preserve those sweet changes, I came up with an “All About Me” printable for my daughter to fill out. (sponsored post)

Last spring I created a Thank You Teacher for my daughter’s class, and I had so much fun seeing how all of the kids filled it out. Using that idea I created a form for my daughter to fill out about her favorite things, in her adorable handwriting.

All About Me Free Printable - First Day Of School Tradition
(Of course, we filled this one out before the first day of school, so we don’t yet know her teacher’s name. We will have to fill that, along with the photo, in later.)

Now not only will I always be able to remember her favorite things, but I will also be able to see it all in her hand – including her signature. Oh I love this idea so much, I just wish I thought of it before my daughter entered Kindergarten.


All About Me Free Printable

The next thing I did was make an All About Me printable for all of the grades, because you can be sure I will have my daughters fill it out all the way through high school. Even though Sissy can’t fill it out in her handwriting yet, I even made one for preschool so I can at least fill out her thoughts until she can master her own pencil.

First Day of School All About Me Printable
Download All About Me Free Printable (grades Preschool – 12).

The All About Me printable captures three important parts of childhood — your child’s thoughts, a photo and their handwriting. Each changes so much in a year so taking this snapshot is a great way to look back and see how much your child has grown.

All About Me Free Printable

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  1. I love these and can not wait to print them out! I was wondering if you had any Last day of school All about me printables?

  2. Do you have a “First Day of Pre-K” printable available? These are beautiful. Thank you so much for creating them! I now have a binder for each of my children.

  3. I love all of your printables but this is my favorite! My son will be going of to K this fall and I’m already crying. By chance, did you get around to creating a Last Day version?

    • Awe! It is so tough to watch our babies grow! I have a 5th grader this year!!!! I didn’t ever get around to a Last Day of School one. But I REALLY should – because 5th grade!


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