Free Printable: First Day Of School Sign P-12

I wasn’t going to do it. I wasn’t going to design another First Day of School sign for my daughter. But as I sat on the couch the night before first grade, inspiration (and perhaps some new school year jitters) took over and a new series of printable first day of school signs was born.

(In case you are wondering, here is last year’s First Day of School Signs design available for grade Preschool-12.) And find even more back to school ideas, printables, deals and more here

In the morning K was excited to see her brand new sign ready and waiting for her. And she posed with a happy smile for her obligatory first day of school pictures.

The Suburban Mom First Day Of School
I absolutely love collecting images of the first (and last) day of school. It is amazing to look back and compare photos with years prior. How quickly time passes and they get bigger.

Next week, my baby stars preschool. (Gasp!!) Just two mornings a week, and she is so excited, but I just can’t believe it is already that time. I swear she was just born a few months ago.

I hope you enjoy these free printable First Day of School signs to help build your collection of school day photos.

Download your First Day of School signs here. (Signs are available in a PDF that has all 15 signs. After you download, just print the pages you need for your kids.)

Have a great school year! 

Free Back To School First Day Signs

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  1. I cannot thank you enough for the BACK TO SCHOOL GRADE SIGNS and also the FIRST DAY OF…. I have been using this them each for about 3 years (probably when you posted them!) and I only wish I had them a few years prior starting out in kinder!. LOVE LOVE THEM!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Every year I have an issue w printer etc. so I just printed the rest of the grades just in case. I almost wasn’t able to print and it crushed me. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! XXXXXXX


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