Halloween Scavenger Hunt For Kids Free Printable

Like everything else about 2020, Halloween is not going to look normal. I’ve resigned myself to that fact, and now I am trying to come up with creative ideas to make Halloween fun for my family. Since Halloween decorations are still an obvious must, my first idea was to come up with a Halloween Scavenger Hunt.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt For Families

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printable

Our neighborhood does Halloween big. It’s a big fun night with kids running amuck. I don’t think it will look the same, but I am relying on my neighbors to still have awesome decorations. Therefore, this Halloween Scavenger Hunt was created with Halloween decorations in mind.

This could be played as a family group or in teams, depending on the ages of your kids and the size of your group. My plan is for us to play as a family.

While this would be a fun activity to do on Halloween, it could easily be played throughout the month of October as soon as decorations start going up. For even more fun, you could play the game multiple times in different neighborhoods.

We live in a golf course community, so much like our annual tradition of riding through the neighborhood on our golf cart in December to look at Christmas lights, we will ride around the ‘hood looking for Halloween decorations. Then we can check off things as we find them on our Halloween Scavenger Hunt.

Free Printable Halloween Decorations Scavenger For Kids

On our hunt for Christmas lights, we ride around with mugs of hot cocoa. For Halloween, I think we will switch things up for a more seasonal drink. It will likely be hot (Florida weather), so my Sweet Tea Apple Cider recipe would be perfect. For those who expect chilly weather, try my Hot Cranberry Apple Cider recipe.┬áIf the kids aren’t into cider, try one of my kid-friendly Halloween drinks – Halloween Pumpkin Punch or Witches Brew.

And, of course, one of my favorite family traditions – 31 Halloween movies for kids!

You could make a fun Halloween dessert, but I think we will likely munch on candy.

Don’t want to sign up for the free printable? I have a slightly different version available in my Etsy Shop HERE.

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