Halloween Pumpkin Punch Recipe And Mummy Pudding Cups

If you are planning a Halloween party, I have some Halloween treats that are sure to delight all of the ghosts and goblins in attendance. Kids of all ages will love the Halloween Pumpkin Punch, and chocolate lovers will delight over the Mummy Pudding Cups. These spooky and sweet Halloween treats are sponsored by Mirum Shopper.

Halloween Pumpkin Punch

Mummy Graveyard Pudding Cups

Halloween Pumpkin Punch

I always believe in setting the mood, and glass beakers are the perfect way to serve up a spooky punch. To make them extra perfect for a pumpkin punch, I used black vinyl to create silly pumpkin faces on the glasses. I used my Silhouette to cut out the faces, but if you don’t have a machine you can cut out the shapes by hand.

Trace the pumpkin faces on to the paper backing of the black vinyl (available at craft stores), then cut out the shapes and stick them on the glasses.

Download the silly pumpkin faces here.

Halloween Pumpkin Punch Ingredients

  • Orange Fanta
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Black sugar sprinkles


After adding faces, rim the glasses with black sugar. To do so, pour a Fanta into a bowl and sugar sprinkles onto a high-rimmed plate. Dip your glass rim into the Fanta and then into the sprinkles to coat the rim.

Rim Glass Pumpkin Punch

Fill glasses one-third full with Fanta.

Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the glass.

Fill the rest of the glass with Fanta and watch the bubbly magic. Oh, ah, yum!

Halloween Pumpkin Punch Recipe

Mummy Pudding Cups

The hardest part about creating these mummy pudding cups is not eating all of the ingredients while you assemble them. (Especially hard for a pregnant woman who has a weakness for Sour Patch Kids and chocolate!)

Oreo Pudding Cup

But if you can keep yourself from eating everything before assembly, the adorable results are well worth it! (And super tasty together I might add!)

Mummy Sour Patch Kids Pudding Cup

Start by using white candy melts to create the mummy bandages. Melt the candy melts according to package directions and then place the melted candy into a plastic baggy and snip off a tiny tip. Pipe the candy back and forth across the Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish.

Mummy Sour Patch Kids Swedish Fish

Next coat OREOs with melted chocolate and place a mummy Sour Patch Kids or Swedish Fish on each OREO. Place in refrigerator to cool.

While OREOs are cooling, crush OREOs (one per pudding cup) to serve as dirt on top of the Snack Pack pudding cup. When OREOs are cool place a candy-covered OREO in each pudding cup and add additional mummy Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish as desired.

Halloween Pudding Cups

Oh so yummy!

Swedish Fish Pudding Cup

The Halloween Pumpkin Punch and Mummy Pudding Cups are sure to be a spooktacular hit at your Halloween Party.

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