Letter “A” Crafts For Preschool

Mommy school is officially underway, and it’s going great! Since I am not a teacher, just a mom with a plan, we are learning a letter a week. Going into Mommy school, she doesn’t know any letters, so we are going to dive into learning the alphabet one letter at a time. Up first, letter A crafts for preschool.

Letter A Crafts For Preschool

Printable Letter A Worksheet

Each week of Mommy school will begin with a letter worksheet that can be used for all kinds of projects throughout the week. I made both a big “A” and a little “a” so she can get used to seeing both capital letters and lowercase letters. But in reality, this was very confusing for my daughter at first because she thought we learned two letters – a big letter and a little letter. I am not sure if I will continue to use the lowercase letter each week, we will see. But either way, I will include both so you can decide for your student.

Dot Marker Letter A

I am including worksheets for the whole alphabet, so you can either print them all at once or just print the pages as you need them.

Download the letter a week A – Z worksheet pages HERE.

This week, we used dot markers, stickers and crayons this week on the letter “A” worksheets. Other ideas include using stamps, pom-poms, pasta, cereal, bits of paper and more, really you can glue anything you want in the letters to reinforce letter recognition.

Letter A Worksheet Printable

A Is For Alligator Craft

Another way to use the printable A worksheet is to print it directly onto construction paper to make a craft. Most construction paper is sold as a 9×12 paper, so I use a paper slicer to trim the construction paper to an 8.5 x 11 so that it fits in my printer. For the A is for Alligator craft, I printed the A directly onto light green construction paper.

Another thing we are working on in Mommy school is scissor use. The A is for Alligator craft is designed to help with scissor practice.

I cut strips of dark green paper, then I helped my daughter cut bits of paper to use in the craft. Snip, snip, snip. It doesn’t matter how long the pieces are or how straight they are, so it is perfect for practice.

For the teeth, I cut a long strip of white paper at angles to form triangles, since this was her second time using scissors I did this part. If your child is ready for it, you could draw lines with pencil and have them cut the diagonal lines for the teeth.

When all the bits were cut, I showed her how to color in part of the letter A with a glue stick and she stuck down bits. We worked around the letter A as if writing the letter to also reinforce the shape of the letter.

One large googly eye finished off the project. (You could also make a paper eye if you don’t have googly eyes.)

A is for Alligator Craft

A Is For Apple Letter A Popsicle Stick Craft

The final project we completed for the week was an A for Apple popsicle stick craft. I love popsicle stick crafts, so I was really excited about this one. We wash and save all of our popsicle sticks so this is an upcycled project for us.

I broke one wooden stick in half for this craft and let my daughter paint the sticks red (although you could also make green apples). We use Crayola Washable paints for all of our popsicle stick crafts.

Once the sticks were dry I showed her how we formed the letter A with her sticks, and I used Elmer’s School Glue to put them together.

I free-hand cut the shape of a leaf out of green paper, and then I cut a piece of ivory paper to fit in the triangle area of the A and glued those in place. Finally, I used a black sharpie to draw a few seeds in the apple.

A is for Apple Popsicle Stick Craft

Letter A Books

I am also making it a conscious effort to point out letters in the books we read, so I am trying to pick books during the week that go with our letter. For A week we read:

This week, we pulled from our home library. But I plan to take her to the library in the future.

In addition to our letter work, we are also working on a same and different workbook (which she loves).

Check back next week to see what we did for Letter B Crafts.

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