Harry Potter Fortune Teller Printable And Tutorial

During my daughter’s Harry Potter Birthday Party, activities took place during four Hogwarts classes – Divinations, Charms, Herbology and Potions. For Divinations, I created a Harry Potter Fortune Teller printable. Also known as a cootie catcher, this origami paper craft use spells and movie quotes to help partygoers “predict the future.” It was a hit with 10-year-old girls, and now I am sharing the free printable for your party.

Harry Potter Fortune Teller Printable

More information about the other Hogwarts classes to come.

Harry Potter Fortune Teller

Do you remember making fortune tellers like this in school? I do, and the tradition lives on because my daughter already makes them in school too. For those who haven’t made these before I made it easier to fold by leaving fold lines on the Harry Potter fortune tellers.


Harry Potter Fortune Teller Printable 1

I wasn’t sure how to describe each of the folds in text, so I made a quick video tutorial to show you how to fold these. The video also describes how to play. 

You can either watch this before the party and then teach the partygoers or you could play the video during the party and let everyone follow along. Either way, I hope the video makes it easy – and fun – for you.

How To Play With The Harry Potter Fortune Teller

After cutting out and folding the Harry Potter fortune teller, you can play by yourself or with a partner. Someone asks a yes or no question and chooses one of the Hogwarts Houses — Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. Then giving the House crest a tap with a wand, you open and close the fortune teller while spelling the name of the House. 

Four spells will be revealed, and the person who asked the question should choose a spell. You can either spell out the spell or, for simplicity, spell the color text the spell is written in. The next time four spells are revealed the questioner chooses a spell and the answer under is revealed. 

The answers loosely answer yes or no questions with a movie quote. 

To see this in action, watch the video above. 

Harry Potter Fortune Teller Printable

I printed the Harry Potter fortune tellers on brown paper that looks like parchment paper to give it the right look for Harry Potter. You can use the same paper for party invitations and party signs too. It comes in very handy for a party like this.

Download the Harry Potter fortune teller printable HERE.

Harry Potter Fortune Teller Tutorial

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