DIY Harry Potter Wand Pencils Teacher Gift

When I found out my daughter and her teacher shared a mutual love for Harry Potter, I had to create a suitable Harry Potter teacher gift. After much thought, I decided on a combination of Harry Potter school supplies and a sign for her classroom. The gift was a hit and I know she will love using the DIY Harry Potter Wand Pencils I made.

I Teach Muggles What's Your Super Power

DIY Harry Potter Wand Pencils

After making the DIY Harry Potter Wand Pencils as a teacher gift, I decided to make a couple extra to tuck into my daughters’ backpacks for the first day of school. I know they will be excited to take notes on the first day with their very own pencil wands.


  • Pencils
  • Acrylic paint (I used brown, gold, grey, black)
  • Low temp hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Paintbrushes
  • Mason jars (optional)

Note, to make full-size wands use the same tutorial, but I recommend using these cooking chopsticks as your base. These are what I used for my daughter’s Harry Potter birthday party.



You can use any pencils for this project. I used a handful of random pencils the kids picked up at various functions — patterns they had deemed not cool enough to use. LOL.

The first step is to paint the pencils. I painted them grey, brown and black, but you can use a variety of colors fit for wand making. I use mason jars to hold the pencils upright to dry.

After the paint has fully dried, it is time to get creative with the hot glue. To make the intricate details, I used my mini low temp hot glue gun. With a hot temp glue gun, the details all end up blending together, while the low temp allows more shape and detail. I used my bigger hot glue gun on a couple, but again I was able to create more detail with the mini one.

I Googled Harry Potter wands to get ideas and create some inspired character wands. Other wands, I made up as I went along. Although the DIY Harry Potter Wand Pencils are easy to make, it does take getting used to twirling the hot glue to make your desired designs. Keep playing with it until you achieve the right look.

How To Make Harry Potter Wand Pencils

Once the hot glue has cooled, paint the hot glue handle portion of the wand. I chose to paint mine in contrasting colors, but you could also paint them one solid color. I love the way the gold details look in person.

Harry Potter Wand Pencils

Harry Potter Teacher Gift

To finish out the Harry Potter teacher gift, I painted a mason jar in the teacher’s house colors — Gryffindor — to be used as a pencil jar.

While I originally wanted to make a sign, I decided giving the teacher a letter board would be more practical. She can change it to say anything she wants for her class, but I gave it to her saying, “I teach Muggles what’s your super power?”

Harry Potter Teacher Gift

Letter boards are so popular right now (and quite inexpensive) I think they might be my new go-to teacher gift. Letter board + cute saying = great gift! Amazon has a ton of letter boards, I went with the rectangular one above, but there are also lots of square options in various colors too.

Do you know a teacher who would love to use these Harry Potter wand pencils in their classroom? Or maybe they would be perfect for your students for back to school too.


Harry Potter Teacher Gift


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