DIY Harry Potter Golden Snitch Craft

A couple of years ago, my daughter was in a school production of Harry Potter. I volunteered to make a number of props and decorations for the set including a DIY Golden Snitch. It’s an easy, at-home craft I know other Harry Potter fans will want their own Golden Snitch for their room or for a birthday party decoration.

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Craft

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DIY Harry Potter Golden Snitch

The Golden Snitch is such an integral object in the Harry Potter series that every Harry Potter fan needs their own. After making a few for the school play, I made my daughter her own for her room.


Harry Potter Craft

* A note about the paints used, they don’t seem to make the brand paint I used for this craft anymore. JoAnn’s and Michael’s have tons of options for acrylic paints, just make sure you get a metallic one that is the right shade gold for you. (I like Martha Steward and Deco Art.) I painted a thin coat of glitter paint on top of the metallic paint to give it extra sparkle, but that’s an optional step. 


Paint a foam ball with gold metallic paint. When it is mostly dry apply a layer of gold glitter paint. Allow it to dry completely overnight before assembly.

Print a copy of the wings template on vellum paper, and cut out the wings. (These are the same wings I used to make flying keys.) You will need two pairs of wings for each Golden Snitch. After cutting out the wing shape, cut the wing pair in “half” about 1 cm off-center. Fold that extra “tab” up, that is what you will attach to each side of the snitch.

Golden Snitch Wing

Hot glue a wing on each side of the Golden Snitch. While the glue is still warm, stick a straight pin through the wing into the snitch for extra reinforcement.

Paint over the tab with the metallic gold paint.

If you want your Golden Snitch to “fly,” you can use monofilament thread to hang it so that it appears to be floating. Add a fan, and you have a flying Golden Snitch.

Harry Potter Golden Snitch

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