Harry Potter Golden Snitch Craft

DIY Harry Potter Golden Snitch Craft

A couple of years ago, my daughter was in a school production of Harry Potter. I volunteered to make a number of props and decorations for the set including a DIY Golden Snitch. It’s an easy, at-home craft I know other Harry Potter fans will want their own Golden Snitch …

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Harry Potter Goblet of Fire Golden Egg

Harry Potter Golden Egg Bath Bombs

Playtime just got more magical with new Harry Potter dolls dressed for the Yule Ball. To the delight of my wizard-wannabes, we conjured a potion to create Golden Egg Bath Bombs in honor of the TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT. This post is sponsored by Mattel, but all magical fun in creating golden …

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Official Harry Potter Fan Club

Welcome To The Official Harry Potter Fan Club

It’s been 20 years since I first sat curled up in my flat in London and dove headfirst into the Wizarding World. It was love at first page and I’ve been a Potter fan ever since. These days, I enjoy sharing the magical world with my daughters who are just …

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I Teach Muggles What's Your Super Power

DIY Harry Potter Wand Pencils Teacher Gift

When I found out my daughter and her teacher shared a mutual love for Harry Potter, I had to create a suitable Harry Potter teacher gift. After much thought, I decided on a combination of Harry Potter school supplies and a sign for her classroom. The gift was a hit …

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Harry Potter Fortune Teller Printable

Harry Potter Fortune Teller Printable And Tutorial

During my daughter’s Harry Potter Birthday Party, activities took place during four Hogwarts classes – Divinations, Charms, Herbology and Potions. For Divinations, I created a Harry Potter Fortune Teller printable. Also known as a cootie catcher, this origami paper craft use spells and movie quotes to help partygoers “predict the …

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