Bluey Birthday Party Ideas

Bluey Birthday Party Ideas, Printables, Decorations And More

I was thrilled when my daughter announced that she wanted her 5th birthday to be Bluey-themed. It’s seriously the cutest show, and I was excited to create something worthy of our family’s favorite cartoon characters. I hope this post gives you lots of Bluey birthday party ideas to host your …

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DIY Princess Crown

DIY Princess Crowns Craft Or Party Favor Idea

Our youngest loves to accessorize. There is a heavy rotation of rings, necklaces, bracelets and princess crowns bejeweling our youngest. It seemed only fitting to give out princess crown party favors for her Frozen birthday party. But we’ve had our share of ill-fitting plastic crowns and tears when they break …

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Emoji Slime Party Favor

Fluffy Emoji Slime

There are two things all of my kids love these days, emojis and slime. For my daughter’s birthday party we combined them to create a fun emoji party favor and activity – fluffy emoji slime! Read on for the slime recipe and make your own.     Fluffy Emoji Slime …

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Harry Potter Fortune Teller Printable

Harry Potter Fortune Teller Printable And Tutorial

During my daughter’s Harry Potter Birthday Party, activities took place during four Hogwarts classes – Divinations, Charms, Herbology and Potions. For Divinations, I created a Harry Potter Fortune Teller printable. Also known as a cootie catcher, this origami paper craft use spells and movie quotes to help partygoers “predict the …

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Monkey Ears Headband Tutorial

DIY Monkey Ears Headband

My daughter’s second grade class recently put on a rainforest musical. It was simply adorable. Of course, when the call went out to help make costumes for the production, I was happy to volunteer. I ended up designing a DIY monkey ears headband based off the Minnie Mouse Ears I made for my …

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