DIY Fabric Cork Board And Clothes Pin Tacks

For this month’s Waverly challenge, I decided to tackle an organizational problem in our home. Goodbye clutter, hello pretty solution that is organized and efficient – a DIY Fabric Cork Board.

This DIY Fabric Cork Board is sponsored by Waverly Inspirations.

DIY Fabric Cork Board

Let me lay out the problem for you, and then I will introduce you to my solution.

My husband and I are always collecting coupons, which is fantastic, but there are always little slips of paper lying around waiting to save us money. We’ve tried various ways to keep these little papers together – a file folder, a box, a drawer. But the only “solution” that has worked is tucking them into in the front of our kitchen cabinets, like so.

Cluttered Cabinets

It works. It keeps them all in one spot and we can quickly see them in our command central. But it is UGLY. I mean really, I hate looking that them.

So, in my 2017 organizing streak, I decided to create something pretty that would be just as functional AND hidden away. Instead of tucking away the coupons on the outside of the cabinet, this DIY Fabric Cork Board makes it easy to tuck the coupons inside the cabinet.

It works, and for the first time in years I can see the front of my cabinets again.

Clutter Free Cabinets

So pretty!

And so easy.

Here are the materials I had to work with for the challenge.

Waverly Inspirations Fabric Paint

DIY Fabric Cork Board


  • Waverly Inspirations Fabric
  • Waverly Inspirations Acrylic Paint
  • Cork tile
  • Clothes pins
  • Thumb tacks
  • Hot glue
  • Command Strips

You can find Waverly Inspirations products and all of the materials needed for this project at Walmart. Look for Waverly Inspirations for all of your crafting needs.


First measure your cabinet door. Although mine is wider than 12 inches, I realized the clearance for the door to close was about 10.5 inches. So I used a pair of scissors to trim the cork tile to the right size.

Cut a piece of fabric that is about an inch and a half larger than your tile on all sides. (A Rotary Cutter makes this a breeze.)

How to Cover a Coke Tile

After ironing your fabric, use a hot glue gun to secure the fabric to the cork tile. Tip – I always start with the top edge, then I can pull the bottom edge tight before gluing it down, finally I work my way to the sides.

Use Command Strips to hang the cork tile inside your cabinet.

DIY Fabric Bulletin Board

This creates your covered corkboard.

Clothespin Tacks

Now it is time to make the clothespin tacks.

Use the Waverly Inspirations Acrylic Paint to paint the clothespins.

Once dry, hot glue a thumbtack to the back of each clothespin.

DIY Clothes Pin Thumb Tacks

Pin the new clothespin tacks to your board and hang up your papers.

DIY Cork Board and Clothes Pin Tacks

You could also use this DIY Fabric Cork Board as a family bulletin board to keep track of school papers, appointment cards, etc. There are so many uses for this pretty corkboard that doubles as hidden storage. What will you use it for?

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