DIY Kids Desk Accessories

These DIY Kids Desk Accessories are sponsored by Waverly Inspirations.

I love everything about back to school; the excitement, the new opportunities and most especially the new supplies. Seriously, I get giddy over new notepads and pens. This year I took my excitement to the next level by making all new desk accessories for my kids. Cute organization for all of their new school supplies, yes please! 

DIY Kids Desk Accessories

I was thrilled when my new August theme for the Waverly Inspirations blogger program, was back to school. And just look at the fun goodies I was given to create with. Fabric, ribbon and paint, oh my!

Waverly Inspirations Pairs

From homework and art projects to computer time, my kids sit at their desk daily, and it is always a mess. Always. So I thought if I could take care of a few fundamental problems and make it pretty, it might stay this way a bit longer. At least that’s my hope! 

That’s my home office that I redid last year that you can see in the background. Love.

Computer Study Desk

DIY Kids Desk Accessories

While the new kids desk accessories look like they were a lot of work, they are all super easy to make. You can either repurpose old items you have or find everything you need for very inexpensive at Walmart. The lamp, magazine holder and drawer are all from Walmart, the mouse pad and jars I had lying around (although Walmart sells them too).

My secret weapon – Mod Podge and a Rotary Cutter. With those two things and your choice of Waverly Inspirations fabric, ribbon and paint – you can make beautiful things happen in very little time. 

I took step-by-step photos of all of these projects, so look for tutorials for everything coming soon! 

Fabric Covered Magazine Holder

I am most excited about the functionality of the magazine holder turned construction paper organizer. We used to keep the paper on the shelf below the desk, but my kids were always dumping the paper on the floor in search of a color in the middle of the stack. So it dawned on me, what if I turned the paper on its side so the girls could find the perfect color without dumping it everywhere. 

Parents, a magazine holder is the perfect solution, and with a little fabric the possibilities are endless. I think I am going to make a second one to hold all of the finished projects! 

DIY Paper Holder

With the paper off the shelf, I was able to use a tray that came with the magazine holder as a makeshift drawer to hide away more of the supplies that are usually spread all over the desktop. You can’t even see it when the “drawer” is tucked away!

Kids Computer Desk

Fabric Covered Lampshade

My daughter was most impressed with the lamp. Although she wasn’t home when I made it, she had seen the fabric before hand. So when she got home and saw it she asked, “Where did you get a lamp that matches that fabric.” 

To which I replied, “I made it.” And left her stunned. (Super mom!)

But I’ll tell you a secret, covering a lamp share is actually super easy. Trace, cut, glue! 

On sunny days, this room is nice and bright. But one dark storm cloud and it might as well be night in here. Now there is finally a little light for the girls to use on rainy days.

DIY Lampshade

Fabric Covered Mousepad

There is no reason to buy an expensive mousepad when they are this easy to make. I think everyone has owned an ugly mousepad or two — freebies from random companies or just plain old and worn out. They are so easy to recover. As long as the foam backing is intact, upcycle any plain old mousepad into something that suits your style.

DIY Mouse Pad

Pencil Holders and Pom-Pom Pens

The possibilities for Mason Jars are endless. A couple of coats of Waverly Inspiration’s acrylic paint and ribbon, and these jars make perfect pencil holders. 

DIY Pencil Holder

The pom-pom pens were a last-minute addition to my projects. After finishing everything else, I sat at my table staring a pile of scraps wondering what I could do with them. (I loath waste!) 

So I grabbed my rotary cutter and made lots and lots of strips of fabric. 

TIP – with back to school on my mind, I also think these would be adorable teacher gifts! 

Back to School Pom Pom Pens

I am thrilled with how all of the new kids desk accessories turned out, and most importantly so are my girls. Fingers crossed the organizational accessories will help keep this space a bit more tidy. Fingers crossed! 

Waverly Inspirations products are available exclusively at Walmart. Look for Waverly Inspirations for all of your fabric crafting needs.

DIY Homework Station

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