Fall Table Runner And Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Whether you are hosting a large gathering or small, I have some ideas to help you set the table with an easy fall table runner and Thanksgiving centerpiece. These Thanksgiving Centerpiece projects are sponsored by Waverly Inspirations.

DIY Fall Table Runner

This month I took on two challenges by Waverly Inspirations, and you can see the first of my November projects (the Fall Pallet Sign) in the background of our dining table. Another great idea to add to your fall and Thanksgiving decor.

Thanksgiving Table Waverly

For this project, I was asked to concentrate on the Thanksgiving table, so I came up with a fall table runner and wooden candle holder centerpiece using the Waverly materials provided. Waverly Inspirations products are available at Walmart, and I found all of the other supplies needed for these projects at Walmart too. 

Waverly Fall Colors

Fall Table Runner

I rarely use a tablecloth or placemats on my table, mostly because they are such a hassle to clean, but I love a table runner down the middle. A table runner gives the table that pop of color I love without being in reach of my daughters dumping their meal on it. 

For this fall table runner I decided to create a doubled look by using the solid fabric to frame the busy pattern. Like most of my sewing projects, I didn’t start with a real pattern, just an idea in my head. And I love the ultimate outcome. It looks like one runner laid on top of the other, but they are sewn together for a finished look. With just eight straight lines, it was a quick and easy sewing project. (Great for beginners!) 


  • 2 coordinating Waverly Inspirations fabrics 
  • Thread


I decided on a final size of XXX long by 15 inches wide and worked backward from there. Depending on the length of your table and if you want a full-length or a short runner, your final measurements may vary. The solid fabric creates a 1.5 inch frame around the patterned fabric on all sides. 

I tend to cut corners wherever I can when sewing, so I did not cut the selvage off, but rather used it as part of my hem. For the solid fabric, I left enough (almost 2 inches) to create a doubled over hem on all sides to give it a more finished look. 

After cutting the fabric, I ironed all of my hems to create a polished edge. This also meant I didn’t have to pin everything. (See, lazy!) 

Ironed Hems Table Runner

I sewed the hem on all four sides of the solid fabric first. Once that was ready, I pinned the patterned fabric on top (with the ironed hems tucked under) and sewed it directly onto the solid fabric. 

Easy Sew Table Runner

Table Runner Close Up

I love the way the solid fabric gives the runner a finished look. And the colors are perfect for fall! 

Fall Table Runner

Thanksgiving Centerpiece 

My favorite thing about the centerpiece is that it will easily transition to other seasons. I love the way it looks filled with fall leaves, but I can’t wait to swap them out with evergreen boughs for Christmas. 

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece


Waverly Chalk Paint


The wood tray I bought was very rough on two sides, so the first thing I had to do was to sand it down. I didn’t take any pictures of sanding, but I have a mental picture for you. Me, 31 weeks pregnant, sitting in the grass in my front yard sanding away. My neighbors must think I am nuts. 

It was such a pretty day, I decided to go ahead and paint outside too. The Waverly Inspirations chalk paint is nice and thick, so I only needed one coat to cover the tray. (It looks streaky because it was still drying in the picture, but it dried smooth.)

Painting Wood Tray

When the tray was fully dry, I wrapped it with a ribbon and tied it in a bow. Tip – I used a little double-sided tape on the front near the bow to prevent the bow from drooping. The tape holds well, but allows me to swap out the ribbon for a different look later. 

Finally, I filled the tray with fall leaves, and Mason jars with tea lights to bring a little nature and light to the table. 

Fall Centerpiece

The fall table runner and DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece are just the right touch for my Thanksgiving table — leaving plenty of room for Thanksgiving dishes!  

Waverly Inspirations products are available exclusively at Walmart. Look for Waverly Inspirations for all of your crafting needs.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

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  1. That’s beautiful! I wish I had been better at sewing. I took it in Home Economics in junior high and just couldn’t get the hang of it. It’s a great thing to know how to do, though. Love how this turned out.


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