Joy Christmas Sign Craft Tutorial

It’s time to deck the halls, and I love adding new decorations to my Christmas decor. I especially love adding personal touches of homemade Christmas decor. Today I am going to share with you my newest decoration a DIY Joy Christmas Sign. This festive sign is as easy to make as it is cute. If you need a new decoration for your home, this is the project you are looking for.

This Joy Christmas Sign is sponsored by Waverly Inspirations.

DIY Joy Christmas Sign

This month I will again take on two challenges from Waverly Inspirations (see bottom of the post for my previous projects). For the first challenge I was sent the following materials in order to create a holiday decoration. I had about 100 ideas for this project, but finally settled on one that would showcase a fabric, ribbon and paint. 

Waverly Inspirations Christmas Materials

Although I enjoy sewing, it seems like a lot of people are afraid to craft with fabric because they don’t sew. This project shows just how it can be to create something with fabric and no sewing! 

Joy Christmas Sign

The inspiration behind my Joy Christmas Sign was to fill the space next to my front door, above my little Christmas tree. But this sign would also make an excellent gift. It is inexpensive to make (all of the materials cost less than $15!), so you could make several of these to give to friends and family. You could even write a special note on the back of one of the canvas panels.


  • Wood letters 
  • 6×6 canvas panels
  • Waverly Inspirations Fabric
  • Waverly Inspirations Metallic Paint in Golden
  • Waverly Inspirations 1.5 inch ribbon
  • Hot glue

You can find Waverly Inspirations products and all of the materials needed for this project at Walmart. Look for Waverly Inspirations for all of your crafting needs.


Start by painting the wood letters gold (metallic silver would also be nice). 

Joy Gold Letters

While the letters are drying, cut three pieces of 7×7 fabric and iron them smooth. (Tip, I always starch heavily when crafting with fabric. I like Faultless.)

Wrap each piece of fabric around a canvas and secure in the back with hot glue. I recommend starting with one side, then pulling the other side tight and gluing it, and then moving on to the top and bottom. Be sure to fold corners neatly so you have nice, crispy corners. You will see that I folded back the edges and glued those down so thing shows from the front.

Fabric Covered Canvas

Hot glue one wood letter to each of the fabric covered canvases. 

Joy Christmas Sign Tutorial

Cut ribbon to approximately 22 inches. Trim one end of your ribbon into two points to prevent it from fraying and give it a nice edge. 

Flip canvases over and hot glue the ribbon down the middle of the back of the canvases leaving 1.25 inches in between each canvas glued to the ribbon and about 2 inches of ribbon trailing at the bottom. 

Next cut another piece of ribbon 13 inches and hot glue that as a loop at the top of the “J.”

Back Joy Sign

Finally, after standing back to admire my sign I decided it needed one more thing. So I added a bow to the top. I did not measure this piece of ribbon, I just tied a bow in my ribbon that looked right and hot glued the back of the bow to the top of the loop. Nothing says Christmas like a big red bow!

With the last bit of ribbon I had left, I tied a ribbon on top of my tiny tree to pull everything together. And I LOVE it! 

Joy Christmas Sign Craft

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  1. I think adding personal touches with homemade Christmas decor adds so much character to the house for Christmas. This is so cute and would look very inviting for any door or wall.

  2. Sucha cute craft. I love that you wrapped the fabric over the canvas instead of painting. I say that because I’m crazy and would have painted but your way is so much easier and neater.


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