DIY Framed Fabric Art

This DIY Framed Fabric Art project is sponsored by Waverly Inspirations.

It may be one of the most used rooms in the house, yet it is one of the least decorated. It’s the toilet room. No, not the bathroom — the little room in the bathroom with the toilet. But with some simple framed fabric art project I’ve added a little color and a little life to this once boring room.

Framed Fabric Art

For this month’s Waverly Inspirations challenge, I was sent a new set of fabrics, paints and stencils. Aren’t they pretty? I instantly fell in love with the medallion fabric. It’s the kind of fabric I could look at every day and be happy, so I had to put it somewhere I would see it regularly.

Waverly Inspirations Supplies

Waverly Inspirations products are available exclusively at Walmart, and you can find all of the other items for this mini makeover at Walmart too.

Easy Fabric Lining

To give the room an instant pop of color I decided to use the medallion fabric to line the cabinet. It was so simple and added such pretty color I am not sure why I didn’t think of it when I lined all of the drawers and the medicine cabinet with wrapping paper.

Fabric Cabinet Lining

I used my rotary cutter to cut a piece of fabric to fit the back of the cabinet and then I used fashion tape to hold it in place. I was afraid double-sided tape might not hold the fabric, so I used some fashion tape I use for a quick hem fix to hold the fabric on the back wall of the cabinet. This gives me the flexibility to change out the fabric if I ever want, but in the meantime it holds perfect.

See that sad vase up there? It was once part of a pretty display in my room, but when I took apart the display I just kind of stuck it on top of the cabinet. And there it sat, lonely and out-of-place. But it is gone now, and in its place are homemade cheerful, happy framed fabric art.

Not Decorated Before

Walmart didn’t a large selection of white frames and no white 12×12 frames, only black. So I used the Waverly Inspirations acrylic paint in “plaster” to transform all of my black frames. After a couple of coats of paint my black frames were all white.

Framed Fabric Art

For the largest frame, I used the medallion stencil and Waverly Inspirations “pool” acrylic paint on the yellow fabric. Stenciling on fabric isn’t easy, so I had some color bleed, but from up on the wall I love the finished look.

Waverly Inspirations Stencil

Framed fabric art gives the look a unique texture because the fabric is on the outside of the glass. To keep the look flexible, I wrapped everything that came in the frame, including the glass, in the fabric before placing it back in the frame. This way I could change out the fabric in the future or even swap in photos. (Yep, I got lazy and didn’t bother painting the back of the frames!)

Waverly Framed Fabric Art

The blue fabric has the look of a stenciled fabric so it works well with the stenciled piece. In fact, my husband thought I stenciled them.

I went back and forth as to what to put in the two tiny frames and ended up including a wooden initial and heart that I painted with the same “pool” paint. I paired them with some votive candle holders I already owned and will pop in some battery-operated tea lights.

Initial Art

Instead of plain and boring now the toilet room makes me smile every time I see it. It was a simple and inexpensive way to add color and interest to a plain white cabinet.

DIY Framed Fabric Art

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  1. Great projects that look like they do not cost much. I am not an artist, but I really like the pillow and the backing of the cabinet you created – great job by the way and I like how you showed the different photos, too!


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