Home Organization Hacks DIY Spice Jar Labels Cricut

Home Organization Hacks – DIY Spice Labels

Easy home organization hacks – DIY spice labels and matching spice jars. Transform an unorganized and overflowing spice rack with matching spice jars and DIY spice labels made with Cricut. The free Cricut template includes 30 common spices, plus details about how to customize your own labels. This is a …

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DIY Mask Storage Holder

DIY Face Masks Storage Holder + Free Cut File

I resisted creating a more permanent place to put our clean masks because I want this whole thing to go away, but here we are and it isn’t. So, this week I finally broke down and made a clean masks hanger. It gives me a place to put clean masks …

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Dishwasher Magnet

DIY Clean Or Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

“Are the dishes clean or dirty?” my kids shouted this across the house for the umpteenth time. Sure, they could open the door and look, but it’s so much easier to yell to ask mom and dad. (Insert eye roll.) Then I had an idea, I bet I could make …

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Kitchen Pantry Makeover

Kitchen Pantry Makeover Reveal

For 15 years, our pantry has been a disgrace. DISGRACE. And honestly, for at least the first half of that, I didn’t really care. But as a sure sign of getting older, over time I found myself dreaming of a designer pantry. I am here today to share that my …

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DIY Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial

DIY Envelope Pillow Tutorial – Step By Step Photos

From our front porch we have the perfect vantage point to watch for the school bus, so I often wait there for my daughter to get home. To give me a place to sit while I wait, my in-laws bought us a set of rocking chairs for Christmas. It’s the …

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