Octonauts Birthday Party Free Printable Bingo Game

As I planned my daughter’s Octonauts Birthday Party, I had to come up with some ideas to keep the kids entertained. My initial thought was to create a trivia game based on the show, but I quickly realized that it was very likely that not all guests were as obsessed with the show as my K. And who wants to play a game that only the birthday girl can win?!?

So instead I came up with a game anyone could play that would still incorporate different creatures from the show – Octonaut BINGO!

Free Printable Octonauts Bingo
The game was a hit, and after the initial few rounds we played as a group various groups of kids continued to play on and off through out the party. Score one for mom!

For prizes, I gave out Octonauts stickers, which I doled out to each kid as they reached BINGO. (Yes, we played each round until everyone had BINGO.) It was perfect because the stickers are only $1.99 for 24 stickers, and the kids were thrilled.

For game tokens, I used my Fiskars medium punch to cut out circles of orange and blue paper that coordinated with the party. I punched enough to fill every BINGO game card so there was never a shortage.

The Octonauts BINGO game has 10 different BINGO cards. (We had 12 kids playing so we had a few dups, but no one noticed.) Because all of the cards have the exact same characters, just in different orders, you can cut up any of the cards to use as your “calling” cards.

Download FREE Octonauts BINGO Card set 1.

Download FREE Octonauts BINGO Card set 2.

Download FREE Octonauts BINGO Card set 3.

Download FREE Octonauts BINGO Card set 4.

Download FREE Octonauts BINGO Card set 5.

I hope your kids enjoy Octonauts BINGO as much as mine did!

For more Octonauts ideas, check out my daughter’s Octonauts Birthday Party108 Free Octonauts Coloring Pages and Octonauts toys.

Octonauts Birthday Party Ideas


  1. Crista Hagan says:

    Hi! I’m trying to download your Octonauts Bingo cards, but your dropbox files aren’t coming up. Any chance you can email them directly to me? Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi Crista – I hope you saw my email that the links have been updated and are now working again. Have a great party!

  2. Hi Jen, I was trying to download the Octonauts bingo game but the dropbox files are not working for me. I don’t know if the links have to be updated again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi Cindy – I am sorry you ran into trouble, I just tried it myself and it seems to be working now. If you don’t have a Dropbox account, just click “No thanks, continue to view →” at the bottom of the popup. Then you can download each page for free.

  3. These are lovely thank you for sharing them 🙂 I am probably missing something but if all cards have same characters how do you play? Sorry probably obvious but my sleepy brain is confused!

    • They all have the same characters, but if you download all of the cards you will see that they are all in different order. Print one additional card, cut up the card, put the cut up characters in a cup and draw a character. Then each child places a marker over that character, since they are in different orders they will all end up with a different pattern on the card. The winning child is the one who gets them all in a row — BINGO. It is a regular game of BINGO, just simplified for kids. 🙂

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