Eliminate The Wait With Dine-In Order Ahead At BJ’s Restaurant

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One of our favorite places to eat when we visit dad at work is BJ’s Restaurant. We don’t have on our side of town, so it is a treat. But lunchtime is busy, and when we visit dad for lunch the girls insist on visiting dad’s office, so it is always a time crunch. 

BJ's Restaurant
Last week, we discovered a new way to eat at BJ’s Restaurant that I predict is going to be the way to eat out in future. We ordered our entire meal before we even left the house with BJ’s Restaurant’s app using the Dine In Order Ahead feature.

Better than just reservations, through the app we were able to preorder our entire meal (including dessert) so that when we checked in at arrival, the staff immediately started prepping our meal. It was easy, convenient and quick! (Perfect for eating with small children!)

The Suburban Mom
No waiting for the wait staff, no debating what to order. A few minutes after being seated our waiter greeted us with our drinks, and not long after that lunch was served. Genius!

Let me back up a bit, and show you how this works. The night before we were to have lunch, my husband and I downloaded the BJ’s Restaurant app. (Available on iTunes and Google Play.) Using the easy-to-navigate app, we were able to quickly peruse the entire menu, place our orders and even make notes for special requests.

BJ's Dine In Order Ahead
While we placed our orders the night before, you can also use the app on the way to BJ’s Restaurant, which is a great way to speed up the process if you are going out to dinner with a group of people.

Of course, lunch was great. And because we did everything ahead of time, we were able to surprise our daughters with the arrival of a Pizookie. Because… yum!

BJ's Pizookie
When lunch (or dinner) is over, guests can get out the door even quicker by paying for their meal by using the app’s easy Mobile Pay.  Of course, you can still pay the wait staff if you want to use cash, but when you are in a hurry like we were, Mobile Pay makes it quick and easy.

Oh, and it is important to note that the Dine In Order Ahead and Mobile Pay work seamlessly with BJ’s Premier Rewards. Yeay for earning free food. Guess we get to come back again soon!

Next time you are in a hurry, but still want to enjoy BJ’s Restaurant pull up the free BJ’s Restaurant app to order your favorite menu items before you arrive. Then while you are polishing off your Pizookie, pay for your meal with Mobile Pay and you are out the door. Plus save $5 off $20 when you do! 

BJ's Restaurant Dine-In Order Ahead Mobile Pay
After lunch, we still had time for a quick visit to dad’s office. 

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  1. I love places that think out of the box to accommodate guests–sounds great–looks like you guys really enjoyed!


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