Sound The Octo-Alert, Octonauts Toys Are A Hit!

Explore! Rescue! Protect! OCTONAUTS!!!!

I never fully grasped the magnitude of a child’s full-blown obsession until Octonauts appeared on Disney Junior. From the moment Octonauts first made its debut, my K has been a complete Octo-NUT! Something about this show captivates my daughter, and her love for the show only grows each time she watches an episode – over and over and over again.

In case you aren’t as familiar with the ins and outs of all things Octonauts, the Octonauts are a team of undersea adventurers who are always ready to dive into action! Their mission: to explore new underwater worlds, rescue amazing sea creatures and protect the ocean.

Octonauts Fisher Price Toys

The show originated in the UK, so when Disney Junior first picked it up there was no merchandise to be found — in the U.S. But K’s obsession was so strong that we were determined to surprise her with Octonauts toys for Christmas. After much searching, we found a source for a couple of small toys from the UK. Only to be out done my Mimi who found the toy of all toys — the OctoPod!

I do believe that the shrieks emanating from our daughter Christmas morning could be heard next door.

Little did we know Octonauts toys were on their way to the U.S., and before her birthday Toys R Us officially launched the exclusive line of Octo-toys from Fisher Price.

Oh my stars – we now own them all. I kid not.

Octonauts Octopod Gup Crew Toys

When I was asked if I would like to review some Octonaut toys, I had to say yes. Perhaps there was a toy we missed. I was blown away when I received a giant box full of fantastic toys, but I laughed out loud when I realized we already owned every single one. Oh well, now she has an extra set.

There are still toys available in the UK that have not made their way to the U.S., and K has her fingers crossed that they will soon. She really wants a Gup X. (Gups are the vehicles that the Octonauts drive. Gups A, B, C & D are currently available  We are awaiting the arrival of E & X. – come on Toys R Us.)

Obviously, the toys are a hit with K. But what I like about them is that they are very well-thought out toys with multiple levels of play. For example, the Gup D includes an air tube so that it can blow air into Captain Barnacles deep-sea diving suit to make him float in the tub. You can also attach a net to the front and use the air to launch the net to capture a creature.

As I write this post, I hear K in her room making up stories about underwater adventures with all of her Octonauts pals. Even baby sister has fallen in love with the “Octos.” Best toys I have ever invested in.

Octonauts Toys

Octonauts toys start at $5.99 (for a crew member and creature), Gups are $14.99 – $19.99 and the Octopod is $15.99. (You don’t want to know what we paid to get the Octopod from the UK!!!) All toys and books are available from Amazon.

I was recently informed that K wants to be Captain Barnacles (or perhaps Dashi) for Halloween, and that her 6th birthday (next March) will be Octonauts themed. I predict this obsession will be around our house for a while.

Oh and the big news in our house this week is that it is Explore! Rescue! Protect! Week. It is the season two kickoff with all-new Octonauts every day on Disney Junior. I have a happy girl!

For all things Octonauts, check out my Octonauts pinboard. I am now collecting ideas for costumes, parties and crafts.

Octonauts Octopod Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Dashi, Tweak, Shellingtong, Tunip

I received several Octonauts toys for review, however, we also purchased all of the toys shown. All opinions are my own.

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    • NOW!They are only available at Toys R US. Everything shown in the pictures can be purchased from right now! (Some are in store as well.)

  1. My son loves the show!! Been wondering where in Canada these can be found!! Guess I will have to finally get my passport and go shopping over the border! Thanks for the review!

    • You can find some on Amazon (IDK if they ship to Canada). The ones on Amazon are imports from the UK, so they are very pricey, but that’s were we bought some of ours before they arrived at TRU.

  2. Ever since my son saw the Octopod in the Target Toy Book, he’s been saying “Mommy, can we please have this at my house?” I guess I know what Santa’s bringing for Christmas!

  3. Adorable! What a fun collection of toys for toddlers. My 4 year olds favorite show is the octonauts so i’ll definitely have to check these out next time we are in toys r us!

  4. My girls adore playsets like this! It almost doesn’t matter what character, as long as it’s cute. I like all the pulleys and swings on this one.

  5. Ive never seen these before but my daughter loves toys like this. I will have to look into getting her one for her birthday! very cute

  6. My granddaughter received the Octopod for Christmas. We were asked to buy her a couple of her favorite characters &
    a couple of add-ons. She loves this show & sometmes the theme song plays in my head a couple of times a day :}

  7. My granddaughter got the Octopod for Christmas & we were asked to get her some of her favorite characters & a couple of add-ons which we did buy her. She watches this show daily & we have DVRed some episodes for her too.

  8. My grandson and nephew love the Octonauts , they watch them on TV all the times. This set has so many different animals from the ocean its almost like they are actually in the water. This is what my nephew wanted this Christmas

  9. Cool ya got them all and two sets with younger one becoming interested that will be good thing. Fisher price bugs me. Let me explain fine if want put crash happy otter in gup C i controll like it but whatever they made choice to put Shellington their. Jere is problem why is Cap in gup A and D. Dashi uses gup D a lot we don’t need gazlion Barnacles and Kwazii. However that is not kicker fisher price down right insulted Dashi she used octomaxsuit originally in show why did Kwazii get 1. I guess while I dislike fact Tweak who should have been sold with gups X and F. I don’t despise fact she has an octomaxsuit way I do Kwazii having one. Seriously fisher price f’d up. I will eventually buy character 8 pack but do to principal of things till Dashi has octomaxsuit minnum I will buy no other octonauts toys. Truth be told the octopod looks like garbage it doesn’t even have all the right stuff. Most ppl can craft better octopod then can buy. No big if yoi chose to buy. Personally I choose not except the crew pack and if we ever get it the veggimal pack. I just don’t like the way they handled things.


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