108 Free Octonauts Printable Coloring Pages

The countdown has begun. My big girl turns 6 in March, and she has been talking about her Octonauts birthday party since… last March. The pressure is on. There is a lot of planning, a lot of designing and a lot of crafting to do. But I have the first step down, coloring pages!

108 Free Octonauts Coloring Printable Pages

I always like to have coloring pages set out at birthday parties because it gives kids something to as they wait for others to arrive. It also seems to calm them down, at least a bit, focusing their energy on an easy activity.

In honor of our eight Octonauts, I rounded up 108 Free Octonauts coloring pages. (BTW – no I won’t be printing out all 108, I’ll let the birthday girl pick a dozen or so of her favorites.)

  • 14 coloring pages available from Octonauts.com
  • 10 Coloring pages from Coloring Only
  • 2 activity packs (preschool and kindergarden) 1plus1plus1equals1.com
  • 79 coloring pages available from Disney Junior (Sadly, Disney Junior has removed Octonauts from its website now that it is an older show )
  • 13 coloring pages available from BBC.com (BBC also appears to have removed Octonauts from its site)

There will be more to come about the party, but for now you can follow my Octonauts Pinboard on Pinterest for inspiration. And check out our favorite Octonauts toys.

Sound the Octoalert!

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7 thoughts on “108 Free Octonauts Printable Coloring Pages”

  1. I LOVE your party and am working on my son’s party in a few weeks. I went to find the coloring pages only to find that the BBC ones have been removed. Don’t suppose you have the files saved that you would be willing to share? Out of the ones I have been able to find those are my favorites. Thanks

  2. I would really like a copy of the coloring pictures you show for the pin. You know, the actual characters. None of these links provide these pictures.

    • Unfortunately, some of the links have been changed on the other sites. I just updated the Disney Junior one, so that is working again. It appears that the BBC has taken down the coloring pages you are asking about. I will keep looking to see if I can find another good source for them.


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