Instant Last-Minute Christmas Gifts With Verizon Message+

It is December 16, tell the truth — how many people on your Christmas list do you still need gifts for? I think I have 5. Eeek! Don’t panic. There is still time, up until the gift giving moment to surprise friends and family with something special from Verizon Message+.  …

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Verizon Message+ Gift Data

Easy, Inexpensive Gift Idea From Verizon Message+

This time of year we are all wracking our brains for gift ideas. What to get this person and that person, and oh what about that person. The list goes on and on. For an inexpensive gift that is sure to be useful and appreciated, here’s a new idea. Give the gift …

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Verizon Message+

Get Connected On A New Level With Verizon Message+

As the holidays approach, it is more important than ever to keep in touch with family and friends — especially if you can’t be together in person. The new Verizon Message+ offers a whole new way to connect. It’s time to move beyond just text with photos, audio and even gift giving …

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Better Than Just A Whistle While You Work

As I stood in the garage staring at boxes upon boxes of stuff, I dreaded the long day of sorting, and *gasp* cleaning out the garage. For a pack rat like me, the imminent garage sale was both exciting ($$$) and terrifying (I don’t part with stuff easily). To allow me to …

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Technology That Keeps Us Safe: Wireless Emergency Alerts

Although Florida was spared a hit from Issac, we did get a lot of rain. And when there are rain bands stemming from a hurricane, there is bound to be some severe weather as well. While I am pretty calm in the face of severe weather (hello, I grew up in Florida), I …

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