Easy, Inexpensive Gift Idea From Verizon Message+

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This time of year we are all wracking our brains for gift ideas. What to get this person and that person, and oh what about that person. The list goes on and on. For an inexpensive gift that is sure to be useful and appreciated, here’s a new idea. Give the gift of data with Verizon Message+

Yes, extra cell phone data. 

Verizon Message+ Gift Data
Everyone knows someone who is constantly running out of data on their phone plan. Perhaps it is that mom who shares daily pictures of her kids. Or maybe your brother who is really into keeping up on the latest sports news for his fantasy football team. 

It is probably one of the most unique gift ideas, and you can send 1GB of data for just $10!

The same Verizon Message+ app that helps connect family and friends with text, audio, picture editing and more also allows you to send family and friends the gift of data. (More about all the great things the Verizon Message+ app in my previous post about the app.) It is the easiest gift you can give this holiday season – right from your phone.

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And at a cost of just $10 per 1GB of data, it is so inexpensive you could even create a little certificate for the office gift exchange. After the exchange, you could gift the data to your coworker right there – instantly. How’s that for rocking the gift exchange that you totally forgot about buying a gift for?!

In addition to gifting data, Verizon Message+ also offers the ability to give gift cards right from your phone, tablet or computer. Tons of top name brands like Amazon, Target, Gap and more. Verizon Message+ is your secret weapon to combat forgotten gifts this year. Just click, click, click and you can instantly deliver gifts. All purchases are billed directly to your Verizon account – no wrapping and no shopping. 

Verizon customers can download the free Message+ app from the App Store or Google Play. Download it today and see how the app can make your holiday gift giving easier. 

Who will you send data to this holiday season?

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