Instant Last-Minute Christmas Gifts With Verizon Message+

It is December 16, tell the truth — how many people on your Christmas list do you still need gifts for? I think I have 5. Eeek! Don’t panic. There is still time, up until the gift giving moment to surprise friends and family with something special from Verizon Message+. 

If you have ever gone out looking for a last-minute gift card this time of year, then you know that stores often sell out of popular cards. What’s a girl to do standing in the store looking at a rack of empty gift cards when she planned to give the teacher gift cards? (My dilemma last year!) With Verizon Message+ you never have to worry about out of stock gift cards again — you don’t even have to leave the house.

Mobile Gift Giving With Verizon Message+
Quickly and easily send gift cards to anyone and everyone on your list from your phone, tablet or computer. With just a few clicks, gift cards are instantly messaged to the recipient, no gift wrap required, and billed to your Verizon account. 

For a unique gift, give friends and family the gift of staying connected by gifting them data in increments of 1GB. It’s the perfect time of year to spend extra time Facetiming, texting and sharing photos with loved ones, and all of that connecting takes lots of data. With Verizon Message+ you can give the gift of data just like giving a gift card. And 1GB is just $10, so it is an easy and inexpensive gift to give. 

Unfortunately, still I have to hit the mall this weekend because most of the people on that list are under the age of 10 and don’t yet have cell phones. But if your list includes teens and adults, then rock the mobile gift card this Christmas and spend more time visiting with family than shopping for family.

Verizon Message+ Gift Giving
Download the free Verizon Message+ app (also available in Google Play) today and see how it can save you time when gift giving this holiday season. 

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