Save Time With Motion Gestures On The Samsung Galaxy S III

I don’t  know about you, but it always seems like I am trying to do 10 things at once. If you feel the same way, the motion gesture features on the Samsung Galaxy S III might be your new best friend. They are a great way to quickly do some of the most common things with your phone such as placing calls, opening the camera app open or muting a call quickly while your baby screams in the background.

You may not even know that these features exist on your Galaxy S3 because they need to enabled on your phone to get started. To do so, go into your phone settings application and look for the “motion settings.” Turn on “motion activation” at the top, and from there you’ll be able to turn on specific motion gesture features, while leaving the ones off your may not want to use.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Motion Gestures

Here’s a run-down of all of the motion gestures.

  • Direct call – call contact currently displayed on screen from call logs, contact details or message details by bringing the device up to your face.
  • Smart alert – Pick up your device to be notified about missed calls or messages.
  • Tap to top – double tap to go to the top of contact list, email list, and email messages.
  • Tilt to zoom – Tap and hold at two points, then tilt device bcd and forth to zoom in or out of screen.
  • Pan to move icon – Move device left or right while holding selected icon to reposition it to another page.
  • Pan to browse images – Pan to move left, right, up, and down an image when zoomed in.
  • Shake to update – Shake your device to scan for Bluetooth, Kies air devices, and more.
  • Turn over to mute/pause – Turn device over to mute incoming calls, message alerts, and alarms, and to pause media.
  • Palm swipe to capture – Capture screen by swiping it from right to left or vice versa with the slide of your hand.
  • Palm touch to mute/pause – Mute or pause sounds by covering screen with your hand while playing media with the screen on.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Motion Gestures

While not under the same menu, I also love being able to quickly open the camera app from the lock screen (especially when your trying to quickly capture one of those special moments from your kiddos). To enable, you’ll find the option in the settings app under “security,” and then “lock screen options.”  Just enable “quick camera access” and you’ll be able to open the camera from the lock screen by tapping and holding and rotating the phone from a portrait to landscape orientation.

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