Better Than Just A Whistle While You Work

As I stood in the garage staring at boxes upon boxes of stuff, I dreaded the long day of sorting, and *gasp* cleaning out the garage. For a pack rat like me, the imminent garage sale was both exciting ($$$) and terrifying (I don’t part with stuff easily). To allow me to work at my own speed, my husband volunteered to watch the girls, so I was left in peace and quiet to clean. Too quiet.

It didn’t take long to decide that the sound of birds and children playing down the street was not enough to keep me motivated. I needed to jam to some tunes while I worked. But we don’t own any portable music players – I know, I know.

Then it dawned on me – my Samsung Galaxy S III. I previously connected my Amazon Cloud account to the built-in music player, it was perfect.

So I propped my phone against a box and voila, tunage!

Samsung Galaxy Music Player

I know this isn’t anything new, people use their phones to play music all of the time. But it was new to me, until the Galaxy I had never played music on a phone. True story.

It worked like a charm, and I rocked out to my mix of Katy Perry, Glee, a bit of the ‘80s and more. I worked in that garage all day long, and when I was done – a giant pile for the garage sale. Success all around!

BTW – In case you are wondering, I made a killing at my garage sale!

Now I am motivated to buy some more tunes (I went through my short playlist rather quickly). What do you listen to while you work?

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