Welcome To The Official Harry Potter Fan Club

It’s been 20 years since I first sat curled up in my flat in London and dove headfirst into the Wizarding World. It was love at first page and I’ve been a Potter fan ever since. These days, I enjoy sharing the magical world with my daughters who are just as enchanted, and I can’t wait to share with them the Official Harry Potter Fan Club.

Official Harry Potter Fan Club

The Official Harry Potter Fan Club

Available through the new Wizarding World app and WizardingWorld.com, the Official Harry Potter Fan Club is home to all of the content from Pottermore.com, with a trunk full of original content and new interactive experiences.

The Wizarding World app allows users to discover which house they belong to with a re-imagining of the famous Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony, featuring J.K. Rowling’s original questions and a new augmented reality Sorting Hat. Fans who have been previously sorted can reaffirm their house pride. The new app is also packed with fresh content including exclusive videos, interactive quizzes and Secret Codes, plus the new fanzine “Wizarding Weekly”, putting the best of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts right at your fingertips.

Wizarding World App

Fans can join the Official Harry Potter Fan Club for free to receive access to curated experiences from the Wizarding World, including an official Fan Club newsletter and member benefits. And soon, fans will have the option to enhance their membership experience with Wizarding World Gold, a yearly paid subscription that comes with a unique, annual gift and is packed with exclusives and special offers – all of the magic you love and more!

Already very into the Wizard’s Unite app, I am excited to share the Wizarding World app with my little Potterheads. We love tracking down Foundables and comparing notes with each other, so the fan club is right up their alley. I have a feeling my tween will be very into the new app, and I predict her reading newsletter updates to the family.

All this wizarding talk has me ready for a little magic. I am off to explore the Wizarding World app some more until we can get the family back to Universal to check out Hagrid’s Wild Adventure.

Download the Wizarding World app today!

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