Wizarding World of Harry Potter Christmas

Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Christmas Celebration

For everyone who has ever dreamed about spending their holiday break at Hogwarts, Christmas has finally arrived. New for 2017, Universal Studios launched a full Wizarding World of Harry Potter Christmas celebration, and it was just as magical as you would expect. Complete with snow-capped buildings, warm Butterbeer, holiday gifts and …

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Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection 69% Off Today

Amazon has a deal today on the ultimate Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection. The limited and numbered set includes 31 discs (yes, 31) and includes all 8 Harry Potter films on DVD and Blu-ray, plus an Ultraviolet digital copy as well. The set normally sells at Amazon for $312 ($499 retail) …

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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Review

When the last installment in the Harry Potter series hit the shelves fans both rejoiced and mourned the end of their beloved magical story line. It is finally over, the good guys have won, and we Muggles are left to live our non-magical lives once more. Luckily, with the books and DVDs …

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