Thanksgiving Thankful Journal Coloring Pages For Kids – Free Printable

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I wanted a fun way to help remind my daughters to be thankful on Thanksgiving. Although 2020 has been a hard year with so many missed events and opportunities, we still have much to be thankful for. So I created a Thanksgiving Thankful Journal and coloring pages for kids. This free printable is a fun activity for kids to enjoy at any time, but especially at Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Thankful Journal For Kids

I decided to combine thankful journal writing prompts with coloring pages to make it a two-in-one activity. My older daughters can work on the writing prompts, while my youngest can color the same pages. One activity, multiple uses. Plus my older daughters will love coloring in the mandala-style coloring pages.

In addition to being a fun activity for kids leading up to or on Thanksgiving day. I love looking back at keepsake writing prompts like these because it is adorable to see what kids say and how things change. For years, my daughter’s beloved “Pink Bear” was included on every thankful project at school and at home. Now, almost a teenager, I don’t anticipate Pink Bear will make the list, but I love looking back and seeing Pink Bear on all of those projects.

This Thanksgiving Thankful Journal reminds kids to be thankful in three areas – things they love, people they love and events they’ve enjoyed. All surrounded by fall themed coloring pages. What wonderful nuggets will your kids fill in these pages?

Be sure to date the journal pages before you store them away so you can always remember how old your kids were when they completed the thankful journal and coloring pages.

Looking for more fun Thanksgiving activities? My printable Thanksgiving Placemat activity page is always a big hit. This one is less keepsake and more just for fun since my kids also love having their Thanksgiving dinner served on the special placemat they colored.

CLICK HERE to download the free printable Thanksgiving Thankful Journal Coloring Pages For Kids.

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  1. I couldnt get your link to work where it says CLICK HERE for the Thankful Journals, which is so sad because the placemats are so fantastic. I’m sure the journal pages are wonderful!


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