Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room

Can you help Mr. Turkey escape from being eaten on Thanksgiving? Solve the puzzles and get the clues to help Mr. Turkey return to his farm safely in this free Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room.

Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room

About The Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room

My daughter has done it again. She surprised me last spring by creating her first virtual escape room without any real instruction from me. She just figured out how to make one and presented it to me as a fun activity for her sister’s Girl Scout friends to do. (Yep, total mom brag here.) This time, she was on assignment from mom to create a brand new Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room.

The escape room is geared toward elementary-aged children to complete but is fun for kids of all ages. It can be completed individually or as a team. It is also a great activity for students to do either via distance learning or in the classroom.

My daughter hopes you enjoy her Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room, and don’t worry she has plans to create a Christmas Virtual Escape Room soon.

Please take a moment to respond to the questions on the last page and be sure to hit submit. The Google Form only captures responses if you click submit on the last page, and my daughter loves watching the counter go up on the number of people who have completed her challenge.

Note, to date more than 3,000 people have completed her Mermaid Escape Room, but we think the number is at least double since responses are not counted unless the last page is submitted. 

Thanks for playing!

Play The Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room

CLICK HERE to play the Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room.

Don’t forget to PIN the Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room for later so you can play again!

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21 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room”

  1. Hello! The link won’t open for me. I’d love to do with my troop virtually this Thursday. Would you mins sending to my email directly please? I would so appreciate, thank you!!

    • That’s very odd. I’ve checked it on my end, and there is no reason for it to have not worked. My best guess is that it was a random Internet fluke. Sorry!!

  2. This looks great! Will it still be available the week after Thanksgiving? We’d love to do it with our troop, but likely won’t meet until after Thanksgiving day.

      • We are having the same problem. Tried numbers 1, 2, and 3. Also “l” and “L” even though it says no capitals because the path looked like an uppercase, cursive L. Not sure how else to read the question…

  3. Hello!
    Saw your post on the Girl Scout virtual ideas FB group!
    I cannot open the link for some reason, could you email it to me?
    Thank you!

    • Google Forms seems to be giving people issues from time to time, and we can’t pinpoint why. Refresh the page and try again, so far that has worked for everyone who has had problems. Sorry for the hassle, I wish I had a better answer.

    • I’m sorry you are having trouble with the escape room. I assure you all of the answers on the backend are correct, so the answer you are giving is incorrect. Try again 🙂

  4. HI – thank you for this wonderful little break out room. I used it with my 5th graders. Was the perfect activity and they loved it!

  5. So many negative comments regarding the numbers… read all the words, I made it to the end. It was nice! I think I want to create a version myself and update things a bit, maybe have people that they need to talk to for a secret code, answer to a riddle… or a physical puzzle to put together.

  6. honestly, it is amazing the very first question got me good and then I saw that it said no capitals. and then it clicked. you should make a halloween one.


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