Teacher Appreciation Coloring Page Thank You Card

The end of the strangest school year has officially come to an end. Goodbye distance learning. It was a challenge and a learning opportunity for us all. From managing a class Zoom to learning new technology parents and teachers worked together to make the last months of school happen. To celebrate our teachers who did so much during such a crazy time, I created a Teacher Coloring Page Thank You Card.

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Teacher Appreciation Coloring Page Thank You Card

Having been home for months, coming up with new ideas of fun things for my kids to do can be a challenge. We feel like we’ve done everything — several times! But one thing my kids always like to do is to be creative and make something for someone else. That’s why the teacher coloring page thank you card is so perfect. We all sat down to color together and they created something beautiful to share with their favorite teachers. A win-win.

Girls Coloring

Teacher Appreciation Coloring Page Thank You Card

I designed my coloring page thank you cards with symbols for every aspect of school from science and geography to PE and music, this teacher thank you card work for all kinds of teachers. In fact, my kids even made one for their piano teacher.

After coloring the front of the card, my kids wrote notes and their names on the backs of the cards, and then we delivered them to their teachers when we picked up their things. Sissy loved making them so much, she’s already talking about making them for her teachers next year.

DIY Teacher Cards

Designed for an end-of-the-year teacher gift, they are also perfect for Teacher Appreciation Week or just to say thank you any time. Because really, haven’t we all learned during distance learning that our teachers deserve all the praise, all the time?!

Download the Teacher Appreciation Coloring Page Thank You Card HERE.

We printed our coloring page thank you card on pre-cut 4×6 cardstock paper to create a flat card. If you want to print more than one at a time, you can choose “print 2 per page” on your print window to print two cards on 8×10 paper and then cut them out.

Making Thank You Notes

In addition to my thank you card, Quaker also created a thank you teacher coloring page. Another adorable way to thank teachers for all they do.

Download the teacher thank you coloring page HERE.

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Color A Teacher Thank You Card

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