4th Of July Kids Paint Crafts

The 4th of July will be here in a hot minute. While celebrations will look a little different this year with social distancing, we are already starting our celebrations with 4th of July Kids Paint Crafts.

4th of July Kids Paint Crafts

Today was one of those days when one craft turned into the next, which means the results were not only kid craft decorations for the 4th of July but also almost two hours of fun. (These days anything that takes up a chunk of time with kids having fun is a winner in my book.

All of these crafts can be created using materials you have at home.

4th of July Fireworks Kids Paint Craft

We started by making 4th of July Fireworks. The bonus to this craft is that it looks excellent on black construction paper, which we always seem to have a lot of on hand.


  • Black construction paper
  • Red, white, blue paint
  • 3 empty toilet paper rolls or 1 empty paper towel roll cut into thirds
  • 3 paper plates

For this project, you need three empty toilet paper rolls or an empty paper towel roll cut into thirds. Fringe one end of your paper tube about 1.5 – 2 inches. (If you cut them too long, little ones may have trouble covering them with paint on the plate. That was our experience.)

This project is great for kids of all ages, our three-year-old was able to do it without any assistance.

Painting With Toilet Paper Tubes

Pour one color paint on each of the three paper plates. Bend the fringed ends of the paper tube back and dip it into the paint on the plate. Be sure to cover the ends well.

Stamp the paper tube onto the paper to create a firework. Repeat with the other colors layering colors to create your masterpiece. Don’t worry if colors get mixed up, it adds to the character.

Kids 4th of July Painting

Here’s where the project just kept going and going. After the kids complete their fireworks show, I let them fingerpaint the stampers. They also pulled out paper and paintbrushes to create kid-directed art. Finally, when they were done making their beautiful messes, I had them smear the rest of the leftover paint to cover the plates. Once the paper tubes and plates dry, we will turn them into another fun project.

Paper Tube Fireworks

4th of July Hand And Footprint Flags

This craft resulted in so many giggles. Everyone thought having their hands and feet painted was hilarious.

You can use any type of paint for these projects, but for the hand and footprint flags, I highly recommend a washable paint. I always use Crayola because it washes so well.

Hand Print Flag Ideas

I decided to use hand and footprints for my littlest one. I’ve seen this done on large sheets of paper with lots of prints, but this was a last-minute idea so we went with a smaller flag that fit on a standard piece of paper.

Kids Hand and Footprint Flag

Creating the hand and footprint flag with a little one requires an extra set of hands. My oldest was able to prop her up and hold her while I placed her feet on the paper. It would have been very difficult to create without her assistance.

For the older girls, I painted each of their hands to look like a flag and then placed it directly on the paper creating one hand flag.

Handprint Flag

Both versions turned out adorable.

I hope your family enjoys making 4th of July Kids Paint Crafts as much as mine did. Happy 4th of July.

Kids Handprint Flag Craft

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