Color A Teacher Thank You Card

Teacher Appreciation Coloring Page Thank You Card

The end of the strangest school year has officially come to an end. Goodbye distance learning. It was a challenge and a learning opportunity for us all. From managing a class Zoom to learning new technology parents and teachers worked together to make the last months of school happen. To …

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DIY Inspire Gold Foil Notebook

DIY Gold Foil Notebook

I have a great love for paper products and projects, and nothing is fancy than adding some bling with shiny foil. Thanks to my new toy – The Glaminator – now I can add shiny foil to any project. Oh, the possibilities! After much debate, my daughters and I decided …

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Coach Gift Tag Thanks For Beefing Me Up

Coach Gift Tags – Thanks For Beefing Me Up

I love to give small gifts to my daughters’ teachers, but I struggle with coach gifts and male teacher gifts. I usually end up with a generic candy treat, but sometimes I like to break from the candy mold. Somehow I just don’t think that PE coaches are going to get …

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A Teacher Gift Tag

A+ Teacher Gift Tag

Another school year has come and gone, it is hard to believe! My daughter had another excellent year, due in large part to an awesome teacher. In fact, her teacher is an A+ Teacher! To thank her for everything she has done for my student this year, I came up with an …

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