10 Cricut Projects To Organize Your Home

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We are all spending a lot more time at home these days, and in between binge-watching Netflix many of us find ourselves finally getting around to home organization projects we’ve been putting off. Myself included! From rouge socks to pantry organization here are 5 Cricut projects to help organize your home while you’re stuck inside.

Cricut Projects To Organize Your Home

This post is sponsored by Cricut.

10 Cricut Projects To Help Organize Your Home

While you are busy organizing your home, hello spring cleaning quarantine style, here are some ideas to use your Cricut help your newly organized space look pretty too.

Harry Potter Accio Rings Dish

You guys, how cute is this ring dish?! You might even have a dish in your house right now that you could turn into this. My daughter needs this in her life, so I am totally going to make her one. Check out The Quiet Grove for all the details.

Desk Drawer Organization

Go ahead, clean out your desk drawer. Because when you do, you can create these adorable desk drawer organization labels to help you (and your family) remember where everything goes back. This adorable and practical idea is from Organized*ish.

DIY Pantry Labels

If you are ready to organize your pantry, then I have you covered. I tackled my own pantry project at the beginning of the year and made these DIY pantry labels to help keep everyone organized.

Bathroom Towel Organization

I want to do this with hand towels. Why are kids so gross? I can’t stand using their handtowels. Maybe if I hung them each on the wall with their own label they would keep their germs to themselves. Thanks for this quarantine-friendly idea Iriemade.

Sock Matching Hack

One of my kids’ chores is to match socks, and they are notorious for mismatching white socks. (Really, how hard is it to see that is my adult sock and that is a child’s sock.) I am LOVING this sock matching hack from Sustain My Craft Habit. (You could even put it on the toe of the sock where no one could see.)

Cricut Projects To Make At Home

Label All The Things

I don’t know about you, but when I start organizing I want to label ALL THE THINGS. A Cricut plus some vinyl makes it easy to do just that and The DIY Mommy has tips to help you get started labeling everything.

Rainbow Bookends

These rainbow bookends will not only help corral your books, but the cheerful rainbows will brighten your mood too. Can you believe she made these with her Cricut? I haven’t worked with chipboard yet, but after seeing this post from Giggles Galore I am ready to get started.

Organize Your Cleaning Products

Whether you’ve just started making your own cleaning products or you want to organize the bottles you have, check out these DIY cleaning product labels from Tried and True Creative.

Gardening Organization

Is anyone planting a garden while stuck at home? You’ll need something to help track of what you planted, right? Well, check out these adorable garden stakes from Someday I’ll Learn.

Lunchbox Organization

Raise your hand if you are tired of your kids’ lunchbox landing on the kitchen table when they get home from school. (It’s not just me, right?) Trendy Chaos found a solution to her lunchbox issue by creating a designated space for them to go. I’m off to find a bin.

Cricut Projects Organize Your Home

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