DIY New Year’s Eve Headbands With Free SVG File

Have you ever been so certain you had something at home that you passed it up in the store over and over, only to realize the day of the event you don’t have it and now it is sold out? That was me last year, frantically searching for New Year’s Eve headbands on December 31st, and there were none to be found in town. #momfail To prevent this from happening again, I created DIY New Year’s Eve headbands. Not only are mine cuter than the store version, if I do say so myself, but I’ll never be caught without them — even if we have surprise extra guests.

DIY New Year's Eve Headbands

DIY New Year’s Eve Headbands

What are your New Year’s Eve plans? Are you more of a stay-in-and-party-in-your-PJs family or dress-to-the-nines-and-go-out? Years ago, going out on New Years was a must. Then when we started having kids, hosting a progressive dinner New Year’s Eve party at sounded more fun. These days, we ring in the New Year with a nice take-out dinner, celebrate early with the kids, and watch a movie until it’s time to tune into NYC for the ball drop.

New Year's Eve Party Headbands

If you are more of a stay-at-home-with-the-family type, allow me to recommend a few of our Traditions that help make New Year’s Eve special for our kids like this New Year’s Eve Balloon Countdown. Another fun idea is to start a New Year memory jar, then next New Year’s Eve you can sit down and read the memory cards as you reminisce about the prior year.

But first, everyone needs one of these New Year’s Eve headbands! Choose from Happy New Year or Cheers or create a couple of each to help you ring in the new year.

DIY New Year’s Eve Headbands Materials:

New Year's Eve Headbands Materials

DIY New Year’s Eve Headbands Directions: 

Download the Happy New Year SGV HERE and/or Cheers SGV HERE. Then upload them to your design space.

Adjust the file size depending on your headband measurements. I used a thin headband approximately 5” long, 3/4” width and 5” across. If you use the headbands linked above, you can use my file sizes:

  • Happy New Year – Cutting vertically is 4.34” width and 7.5” height
  • Cheers – Cutting vertically is 4.804” width and 6.089” height

*Note, if cutting the file opposite direction than listed above (horizontal vs vertical) flip the width and height measurements.

PICTURE – Design space HERE


Load your paper on the light blue grip mat.

Be sure to adjust your material dial to cardstock. If using a thicker cardstock, be sure to adjust pressure.

If you use the design measurements above, you should be able to get at least two phrases cut from a 12×12 sheet of paper.

Cricut Happy New Year SVG

DIY New Year’s Eve Headbands Assembly:

Once your project has been cut. Flip the design over, and place a headband on top of the tabs. Line up the design in the middle of the headband.

Fold the tabs up and over the headband to attach the phrase to the headband. Be sure to leave about half an inch to an inch of height above the headband for the frayed tissue paper otherwise the tissue will hide the design.

Use hot glue to attach the tabs to the headband. You may want to put a bit of glue behind the letters as well to help keep in place.

DIY Cheers Crown

If you use a skinny headband and there is extra tab after gluing, use scissors to cut off the excess. The tab design is made to accommodate thin and thick headbands.

Next cut a sheet of tissue paper in half. Fold it in half, then again once more. You will have a long sheet of tissue paper creating a “V” channel for your headband to sit inside.

With the tissue paper is folded, use scissors to fringe the tissue paper on the open side. Be sure to only make cuts about halfway to the fold.

Tissue Paper Crown Fringe

Once the tissue paper is fringed, measure the length of tissue paper you want on the headband and cut off any excess.

Open the tissue paper channel created for the headband. Hot glue to the underside of the headband.

DIY Headband Fringe

After everything is glued, fluff the fringes to help hide the tabs previously glue to hold the phrase on the headband.

Try on your headband and ring in the New Year!!!

Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve Headbands Free SVG File

And make sure you are ready for the new year with a new calendar – 20 free printable calendars for 2020.

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