25 Best DIY Bath Bombs For Teens

My girls LOVE bath bombs. They love to receive them, they love to use them and they love to make them! DIY bath bombs are a fun project to make and gift to give – especially for teens and tweens. While some are more complicated than others, with a little practice you can make a bunch of bath bombs for all of the girls and boys in your life quickly and easily. I have 25 of the Best DIY Bath Bombs including glam bath bombs, food-inspired bath bombs, easy bath bombs and funny bath bombs.

25 Teen Bath Bombs

These bath bombs were made by my fellow bloggers (and a few by me!), visit each blog listed to find the full recipe and instructions. 

Best DIY Bath Bombs For Teens

Presentation is everything when it comes to gifting bath bombs. Glass mason jars come in various sizes and shapes and are great for gift giving bath bombs. If you are giving a bath bomb is a gift, be sure to grab my free printable “You’re The Bomb” gift tag.

Glam Bath Bombs

There are bath bombs, and then there are bath bombs that are so fancy they must be expensive – except they aren’t because these are all DIY bath bombs. But they will give you that ultra-glam feeling.

Glam Bath Bombs

Harry Potter fans will love these Golden Egg Bath Bombs from The Suburban Mom. No, they don’t sing underwater, but they sure are pretty.

There are two options for these Mermaid Bath Bombs from Ruffles and Rain Boots, my favorite are the ones with sprinkles.

After seeing these Bath Bombs with Hidden Rings from Beauty Crafter, I want to add hidden rings too all of my future bath bombs.

How cute would these Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs from Totally the Bomb be as a party favor for a mermaid birthday party?

The glamest of glam, golden Unicorn Horn Bath Bombs by Ruffles and Rain Boots. I can’t imagine a more magical bath.

Geodes are such cool work of art created by nature, these DIY Geode Bath Bombs from The Makeup Dummy are a beautiful DIY tribute to naturally occurring geodes.

Real rose petals in the bathtub sound so luxurious and so do these DIY Rose Bath Bombs from Dream a Little Bigger.

Easy Bath Bombs

If you’ve never made a bath bomb before, start here. These easy bath bombs are anything but basic, they are still adorable, smell great and will impress anyone you give them to.

Easy DIY Bath Bombs

These Heart Bath Bombs were my very first bath bombs and are still a favorite of ours to make. The free You’re the Bomb Gift Tag is perfect for gift giving too.

I love that these Funfetti Bath Bomb Cubes from Thrifty NW Family are cube shape. Of course, they could be made in any shape, but they look like sugar cubes with sprinkles.

Just a sprinkling of gold makes these Rainbow and Gold Lustre Bath Bombs from A Beautiful Mess extra special. It’s an easy touch that could be added to any bath bomb.

Bath bombs can be a single solid color or layers of colors can be combined into one colorful bath bomb like these DIY Multi-Colored Mermaid Bath Bombs from Sweet Red Poppy.

Wondering what to do with those leftover plastic Easter Eggs? These Easter Egg Bath Bombs from The Suburban Mom would be just as fun to make after the bunny arrives as they would before.

Another mix of various colors creates these DIY Rainbow Unicorn Bath Bombs from Mama Cheaps.

These Galaxy Bath Bombs from STEAM Powered Family are out of this world. (Sorry, I had to. LOL.)

Food-Inspired Bath Bombs

I cannot get over these food-inspired bath bombs. Each one is a unique piece of art. #goals

Epic Bath Bombs

The ultimate birthday gift, these Cupcake Bath Bombs from April Golightly are simply adorable.

These Watermelon DIY Bath Bombs from Happiness is Homemade scream summertime – they can even be presented like ice cream cones!

These Conversation Heart Bath Bombs from As the Bunny Hops scream Valentine’s Day. Wouldn’t these be a fun gift be for a teen to make all of her friends?

Are there any Starbucks fans in the house? The DIY Unicorn Frappuccino Bath Bombs from A Pumpkin and a Princess are perfection.

I can’t get over the amazing icing on these DIY Cake Bath Bombs from A Pumpkin and a Princess. They look good enough to eat!

I had to do a double-take when I saw the Doughnut Bath Bombs created by Crayons and Cravings, they look like real doughnuts! (Really beautiful doughnuts at that!)

DIY Bubblegum Sprinkles Bath Bombs from Creative Green Living smell like bubble gum!

Funny Bath Bombs

A relaxing soak in the tub is nothing to joke about… or is it? These bath bombs are sure to bring a smile to your face.

DIY Bath Bombs

Emojis everywhere – even in the bathtub with these DIY Emoji Bath Bombs from Balancing Motherhood.

What could be funnier than Poop Emoji Bath Bombs in the bathtub? The Beauty Crafter‘s emoji inspired bath bombs are sure to receive a giggle.

Can’t get over the idea of poop in your bathtub? The Unicorn Poop Bath Bombs from Ruffles and Rain Boots might be a little less realistic, yet still hilarious.

These DIY Panda Bath Bombs from A Pumpkin and a Princess are not funny haha, but they are the kind of adorable that makes you smile.

Want to skip the mold? Bath salts smell just as wonderful, but you don’t have to worry about molding them into the perfect shape. Check out my lavender bath salts and my orange bath salts.

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