DIY Heart Bath Bombs Recipe With Free Tag Printables

Is there anything more relaxing than a soak in the tub? Maybe an uninterrupted soak in the tub with soothing bath bombs recipe. Ahhhh…

Fizzy Bath bombs are an easy gift to make to either keep on hand for yourself or give to friends, teachers… anyone who needs a little R&R. (Don’t miss the printable bath bombs gift tags below.) Making them seems complicated, and when I tell people I make my own they are always a little shocked. But I promise, they are easier than baking cupcakes. (Those I can mess up!) 

Not only are they very useful, they are really pretty packaged up in a simple mason jar with a bow. And, of course, I had to go and make some free printable tags to make gift giving simple. 

DIY Bath Bomb Free Printable Tag

Bath Bombs Recipe

There are tons of DIY Bath Bombs recipes online. After some trial and error, I ended up making up my own bath bombs recipe. 

DIY Bath Bomb Ingredients:

  • 2 Cups Baking Soda
  • 1 Cup Citric Acid *
  • 1 Cup Corn Starch Powder 
  • 1 Cup Epsom Salt
  • 4 Tablespoons of Oil 
  • 2 Teaspoons Essential Oil (I used peppermint, lavender would also be nice)**
  • 4-5 drops Food Coloring

This recipe yields 24 hearts in a Wilton Silicone Candy Mold. (I want to make flowers next.)

* I looked everywhere for Citric Acid, which is used in canning. No where locally sold it. But trusty Amazon sells it. Save yourself the headache and just buy the Citric Acid from Amazon.

Easy shopping – Besides the things you probably have at home (oil, food coloring and baking soda), here is everything you need to make my bath bombs recipe.

Ball Jar Citric Acid, 7.5-OunceBall Jar Citric Acid, 7.5-OunceWilton Easy Flex Heart 24-Cavity Silicone MoldWilton Easy Flex Heart 24-Cavity Silicone MoldMajestic Pure Peppermint Essential Oil, Premium Quality, 4 fl. oz.Majestic Pure Peppermint Essential Oil, Premium Quality, 4 fl. oz.Epsom Salt 2LbEpsom Salt 2LbBall Mason Wide Mouth Quart Jars with Lids and Bands, Set of 12Ball Mason Wide Mouth Quart Jars with Lids and Bands, Set of 12Majestic Pure Lavender Essential Oil, Therapeutic Grade, 4 fl. OzMajestic Pure Lavender Essential Oil, Therapeutic Grade, 4 fl. Oz

Homemade Bath Bombs Recipe

(You’ll notice the peppermint essential oil is missing from the picture, that’s because I dropped it — on the tile — while setting up this shot. Luckily, I saved most of it into a baby food jar, but it didn’t make the picture.)

Many of the recipes I tried called for which hazel or water with less oil. The problem is all water based liquids start the citric acid reaction, so I found that my bombs reacted a bit too much and there was less fizz in the bath tub. (They still worked, just less fizz.) So I make mine with more oil and no additional water/which hazel and they are perfect.

Fizzy Bath Bombs Directions:

Mix the dry ingredients.

Next add a few drops of food coloring. Remember, if you add a lot color the water will be slightly tinted too. So less is more. (No, it isn’t enough color to stain the tub or your body.) When you add the drops, act quickly to mix color. As each drop hits the citric acid, it will begin to react, acting quickly will limit this reaction. 

I mix everything with my hands.

When the color is mixed evenly, add your essential oil. Again, mix quickly to minimize the reaction. For this batch I used peppermint, but I am considering Vanilla or coconut for next time. 

Finally, mix in your oil. I added the oil one tablespoon at a time so as to mix evenly and not make the mixture too wet. 

The goal is crumbly, but not saturated. You should be able to squeeze a handful together into a clump, then rub your hands together to break it back up into crumbles.

Once your mixture is ready, pack it into your mold. Press the mixture into the mold as hard as you can filling every crevice. 

DIY Bath Bombs Recipe (1)
Let your bath bombs dry in the mold overnight before popping them out of the mold. I let mine dry another night before sealing them in a jar, but they were ready to use at bath time. 

Once you make your first batch, you will never want a store-bought ones again! 

DIY Bath Bombs Recipe

Printable Bath Bomb Tags

I made a batch for my daughter’s teacher for Valentine’s Day, so I made “Valentine, You’re The Bomb!” tags. But since I didn’t post until after Valentine’s Day, I also made generic “You’re The Bomb” tags so you can give the gift of a relaxing soak in the tub year round. (They look the same, but without Valentine and I added a little heart.)

Download the Valentine’s Day Tags Here.

Download “You’re The Bomb” Gift Tags Here.

To print your tags, click the link above and print on cardstock paper. The tags can be punched out with either a two-inch circle punch or a two-inch scallop punch (scallop below). 

DIY Valentine's Day Bath Bombs with Printable Gift Tag



  1. Natalie says:

    Unfortunately this recipe didn’t work for me 🙁 I bought the exact same mold, packed it in as hard as I could and left it out for 18 hours. Any suggestions??

    • Without knowing what didn’t work, it is hard to say. It is possible that they weren’t wet enough to stick together. The mixture should be crumbly not dry before you pack the mold. If they were too dry, try adding a little more oil. Hope that helps.

  2. THe tags are really small. Don’t have ruffle around them. Did I get the wrong thing?

  3. Tags don’t print out right. They are very tiny and on’t have the scollop around them. Also there aren’t two different one both are the same for me. Is there a problem on my end? I’m having issues printing anything form your website. Even typing this isn’t easy very. very slow responce and can correct easy.

    • elizabeth says:

      Did you get any response about the downloads?

      • After clicking on the link, the image will appear in a new window. Right click on the image to save it to your computer. After saving it to your computer, print the file and it will print correctly. Do not print directly from the window or you just get a preview size. Enjoy!

    • Hi Wanda – After clicking on the link you need to save the image to you computer and then print the image from your computer. If you print directly from the window you will end up with a preview size, which is tiny. I am not sure why you aren’t seeing two different tag files, I just confirmed the file links are correct.

      The files do not have a ruffle around the edge, as mentioned in the post, you can punch out the tags with a circle punch or a scallop punch. The scallop punch creates the ruffle, otherwise they would be impossible to cut by hand! Hope this helps.

  4. Michael Ortega says:

    Hi! I am very interested in trying this as a valentine’s gift for my girlfriend, however, I was curious, could sweet almond oil be substituted for the vegetable oil? As it may have a better effect on the skin.

    • Yes, you can defiantly substitute the oil. I actually want to try it with fractionated coconut oil sometime. But frankly, that’s what I had lying around the house that day. LOL. (PS – what a nice boyfriend, hope she loves it.)

  5. Sandi Bollin says:

    Just made 2 batches of them. I used olive oil instead. Used a tad less citric acid as each container I found was 7.25 ounces not 8. I forgot I was out of essential oils so I used extract instead.. Second batch used scented epsom salts and that solved that dilemma.

  6. Sandi Bollin says:

    Forgot I was out of essential oils so used lemon extract instead. Second batch used scented epsom salts instead solved that dilemma. Used olive oil instead. Mine bubbled up so much in the molds. Was rainy here so just put them in a gas oven (off) to dry.

    • I live in FL and also find they just don’t work right on rainy days. Crazy. I hope they dried out 🙂

  7. Sandi Bollin says:

    Made a third batch and were to dry and just crumbled them. Still pretty in a jar and can use them as a bath salt instead. They still fizzed.


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