How To Make Lavender Bath Salts + Printable Gift Tag

My favorite reaction to homemade gifts is, “You made this?! How?!” Fellow kindred crafting spirits understand that there is nothing quite as rewarding as making a gift for someone by hand. But here’s my little secret — not all handmade gifts are hard! In fact, some handmade gifts are easy to make. One of those handmade gifts that is easy to make and has a big impact is Lavender Bath Salts.

Lavender Bath Salts
I know it sounds complicated, but it really, really isn’t. And when you present the lavender bath salts in a pretty jar tied with a gift tag, it is a wonderful gift. You can also easily make a large batch and take care of several gifts.

Not only does lavender essential oil smell wonderful, but lavender is very calming which makes it relaxing at bedtime to help you drift to sleep. Just think about all of the calming baby washes that have lavender in them that you can find at the store! So making your own homemade lavender bath salts (as a gift or for yourself) can aid in a relaxing night-time routine.

As with any time you are making something with essential oils, please be conscious of the oils you choose. I use Young Living Essential Oils for all of my bath and home products because the Young Living Seed to Seed commitment guarantees the quality of the oil. At the grocery store you might see a bottle of lavender essential oil labeled “pure,” but it likely also says not to ingest – that shows that while it might be pure, the quality is not the same. The quality of the Lavender Essential Oil from Young Living is so high, it is safe to ingest. (Not that you want to be ingesting bath salts, that would be a bad idea. But even when I put things on my skin, I want the quality to be best available.)

Young Living Essential Oils can be purchased individually at retail prices or wholesale with a wholesale membership.

Lavender Bath Salts

This recipe makes two cups of bath salts, but it can easily be doubled or quadrupled!

Bath Salts Ingredients
Whisk together the dry ingredients. Then add the essential oils and food coloring and whisk until the color is equally dispersed.

Pour ingredients into your choice of air-tight containers, print and attach the printable gift tag and you have an easy gift to pamper a friend.

Didn’t I tell you that was easy?!

Homemade Lavender Bath Salts
Note – when I first started whisking the gel color, I thought it would never mix. It starts to clump, but just keep whisking. Eventually, the clumps break up and the color distributes. There might still be some darker salt grains, but it will combine. 

Epson Salts help soothe tired muscles and reduce inflammation and the baking soda softens the water and alleviates skin irritation.

Lavender bath salts are so easy to make that they are fun to make with a group of people because anyone at any skill level can make them. Perfect for a girls’ night in activity. Even if you don’t make them as a group, Lavender bath salts also make great party favors.

Download the Bath Salts Gift Tags.

Bath Salts Party Favor

3 thoughts on “How To Make Lavender Bath Salts + Printable Gift Tag”

  1. I honestly never thought making my own bath salts would be this easy. I’ll have to give it a try sometime in the near future. I know my mom would love it if I made a batch of this for her!

    • Right?!?! I didn’t realize how easy it was either. I just mixed up a mini jar for a friend last night in less than 5 mins. (It makes a lovely birthday/Christmas gift for mom and friends!)

  2. Wow this would be an amazing gift for someone, and even just something great to use at home! I can’t believe how easy it is! We also use the young living essential oils in our house for a variety of things, so I will definitely be trying this out! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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