Family Toy Story Costumes DIY – Buzz, Jessie, Green Alien, Pizza Planet, Andy’s Room

As the opening of Toy Story Land approached, I decided to dress the whole family up for our first visit. Even better, I roped my friend into dressing up her family so together we would have the whole Toy Story gang. It was perfection. Our Family Toy Story Costumes would be great for anyone who wants to Disney Bound for a visit to Toy Story Land, attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or for Halloween.

Family Toy Story Costumes DIY Disney Bounding

Family Toy Story Costumes DIY

Our girls dressed up as Jessie, Buzz Lightyear and a Little Green Alien. I Disney Bound as Andy’s Room and my husband as Pizza Planet. Christie dressed her kids up as Woody and Slinky Dog while she Disney Bound as Rex. (As soon as she gets her Slinky Dog dress post up, I will link to it.)

Disney Bounding Toy Story Land

Jessie Toy Story Costume

My Family Toy Story Costumes plan started when I found my daughter’s Jessie dress. It is the one outfit I didn’t make. It was a small shop taking orders (from China, I think), I ordered it about six months in advance. And when it came it was adorable. It was a bit short, but that was easily remedied with a pair of red bike shorts. I can’t point you in the direction of that dress anymore, but I recently found this super cute Jessie dress on Amazon.

Her Jessie hat is one she’s had for years, but I found a similar one (inexpensive) on Amazon. For her footwear, I found her a pair of Toy Story Vans, completed with Andy’s name across the bottom. They are her new favorite shoes!

Disney Bounding Jessie Toy Story Land

To complete the look, she also got a Jessie bow from this seller on Etsy.

Buzz Lightyear Toy Story  Dress

I am very proud of how K’s DIY Buzz Lightyear dress turned out. Because she is 10, I didn’t want a costume and I didn’t want a little girl’s dress. Not finding what I wanted, I decided to make one. With a plain white dress and some heat transfer vinyl, I turned her into Buzz Lightyear.

I bought this pack of heat transfer vinyl because it had all of the colors I needed and then some. I will be able to make tons of projects with this. (I already used this pack again for my daughter’s DIY Disney Zombies costume.)

Toy Story Land Buzz Lightyear

I sketched the design I wanted on paper and created a template for my daughter to approve before cutting the vinyl. To make it easy for you, I am including a copy of my template for you to work with. I made this for a size 10 dress, so if you are making a little one you will need to adjust accordingly.

Download Buzz Lightyear template here

After making the template, I let my Silhouette Cameo do all of the cutting for me. If you don’t have a Silhouette, you could still make this design by hand cutting all of the pieces.

DIY Buzz Lightyear Dress

If you aren’t up for the whole DIY, I have a great option for you. Since making her dress, I found this Buzz Lightyear dress on Amazon, which is very similar and inexpensive. Frankly, I can’t believe I didn’t find this before I made her dress. But she’s so proud of her dress, I am glad I made it.

For footwear, her purple Converse All Stars were the perfect look.

To complete the look, she also got a Buzz Lightyear bow from this seller on Etsy.

Toy Story Alien Costume Baby

For the littlest one, it was just a matter of finding the right colors for her Toy Story Alien costume baby. Thank goodness for Amazon. I decided on this blue romper, this green shirt and these green moccasins — all from Amazon. I tried several different pieces together in order to get the right look.

The blue romper is so cute, she has worn it again just as an outfit. The little green mocs held up really well – even in the rain. She wore them again to Disney with her Disney Zombie costume and they are still going strong.

Toy Story Land Green Alien

To complete the look, she also got a Green Alien bow from this seller on Etsy.

Andy’s Room Disney Bounding

I had fun with my outfit. I bought this sky blue dress on Amazon and then I added clouds with heat transfer vinyl. (I found the dress fit true to size.) It was so cool and comfy for a day at Disney, it was perfect.

I used the cloud template from my daughter’s Toy Story Birthday Party to create the clouds for my dress. I put one large one with three smaller ones at the bottom and one small one on the top of the dress on the other side. It was just enough to give the idea of clouds without having to do the whole dress.

For my Minnie Mouse Ears, I used my Swap Your Bow ears from Disney and had a new bow created by this seller on Etsy. I totally took a chance on this, and I am so glad I did. The seller made Jessie, Buzz and Green Alien bows I bought my girls, so I asked her about making a bow for me. She said sure, so I trusted her. I didn’t know what I was getting, but it was perfect. If you want a bow like mine, ask her. If you don’t have the Swap Your Bow ears, you can always wear the bow in your hair.

Don’t mind me looking a bit wet, we got caught in a downpour. But I still wanted to show off my dress.

Disney Bounding Andy's Room Toy Story Land

Toy Story Pizza Planet Disney Bounding

My husband is a good sport, and he has agreed to a full-blown costume for Halloween. But for a hot day at Disney, he wasn’t to keen on the idea. So I bought him a this Pizza Planet t-shirt, which made everyone happy. (The shirt ran a little big, probably not enough to size down, but a bit bigger than normal.)

My husband likes vintage looking shirts, but there are tons of Pizza Planet shirts to choose from on Amazon like this one, this one, more. Vacation mode hat here.

Green Alien Rider Too Small

Those are our Family Toy Story Costumes looks. What started as a small idea turned into a full blown DIY, and it was as much fun to make the outfits as it was to wear them. My girls got a kick out of people commenting on their outfits at every turn.

Before you go to Toy Story Land, be sure to check out my post with the top 13 Toy Story Land photo spots. You especially won’t want to miss these if you decide to Disney Bound as the Toy Story gang.

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