Top 13 Toy Story Land Photo Spots

My family was so excited to visit Toy Story Land for the first time, coordinating Toy Story outfits were a must. And for even bigger fun, we coordinated with Christie’s family from Raising Whasians to create a whole cast of Toy Story characters. Of course, when you Disney Bound as the Toy Story gang, you have to make the most of the best photo spots. So we scouted out the top 13 Toy Story Land photo spots to take pictures of our favorite little toys.

Top 13 Toy Story Land Photo Spots

My family and I were invited to visit Toy Story Land.

Be sure to check out these Toy Story Land Photo Spots when you visit Toy Story Land for the cutest places to take pictures of your gang.

Christie and I have plans to share how to’s for our mostly DIY costumes soon, but in the mean time — look how cute everyone is!!! Woody, Jessie, Buzz, Slinky Dog, Green Alien, Rex, Andy’s Room and Pizza Planet are all represented.

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Toy Story Land Photo Spots

When you enter Toy Story Land you are magically shrunk to the size of a toy as you enter Andy’s backyard. The play area is filled with brightly colored toys and there are fun, imaginative details to see around every corner. I could have spent all day photographing the details – there are so many cool elements. But my favorite photos are those with my kids in them, so I picked my top 13 Toy Story Land photo spots. If you want to make the most of your photos in Toy Story Land, don’t miss these.

A typical Florida downpour couldn’t dampen our day. While we look a bit soggy in some of the later photos the kids had a great time jumping and splashing in puddles along the way. These spots are cute rain or shine.

The Giant Woody

The first and most obvious photo opp is with the giant Woody at the entrance to Toy Story Land. I love our family photo from this spot so much, it is currently my lock screen on my phone. Here you will find a queue and Disney photographers ready to take your picture. As always, if you want a picture on your phone/camera, just ask. It’s an Instagram worthy photo for sure.

Toy Story Land Woody

In Front Of Slinky Dog Dash

Slinky Dog Dash makes an excellent photo background, especially if you time it right as Slink Dog passes. It’s a bit tricky to time with a toddler, but if your kids have the patience to try a few takes, it’s worth the extra moment. Even if you miss Slinky Dog, it’s a cute spot. And it was the perfect spot for my Jessie girl to get her photo with Jessie.

Toy Story Land Disney Bounding

Toy Story Character Meet And Greets

Inside Toy Story Land, your tiny toys can meet their Woody, Jessie, Buzz and a band of Green Army Men. Character Meet and Greets are always fun photo opps, so be sure to ask a cast member where and when to find your favorite characters. Right now Buzz is stationed near the entrance, just beyond the giant Woody and you will find Wood and Jessie together in front of the new entrance for Toy Story Mania. The Green Army Men roam around Andy’s backyard even performing in a mini marching band. When not marching in formation, they are happy to stop for photos and a little chat. We even found a pair hanging out next to the line for Slinky Dog Dash who had just parachuted in making them more prepared for rain than we were.

Toy Story Land Green Army Men

Andy’s Backyard Fence

One of my favorite photos spots is the temporary wall currently blocking guests’ view from the under construction Star Wars Edge of the Galaxy. It is a perfect example of Disney doing what Disney does best, making magic out of everything – even a temporary fence. With a look of cardboard that has been drawn on by Andy, it has familiar Toy Story symbols and makes an ideal photo spot. We asked the kids to stand in front of it, and they came up with their poses all on their own – aren’t they the cute. Of course, my little green alien doesn’t stay still long. Don’t miss this wall while it is there.

Toy Story Land Cardboard Fence

Photo by Christie from Raising Whasians.

Popsicle Stick Wall

With a new entrance and exit from Toy Story Mania, people have quickly claimed the popsicle stick wall as one of the most Instagrammed Toy Story Land photo spots. And for good reason, it is adorable. The stained popsicle sticks are the perfect amount of color. The popsicle stick wall is located along the exist from the ride, you can’t miss it.

Toy Story Land Popsicle Stick Wall

Checker Board Wall

Although not nearly as popular, I also love the checker board wall, which is located directly across from the popsicle stick wall. Yes, that means our kids posed on one wall and then the next, it’s a bit like a game of Frogger trying to dodge people as they exit. But it is worth both photo spots. (If you look carefully, you can see that it was raining when we took these photos. See the drops? We have good kids! LOL.)

Toy Story Land Checker Board Wall

Photo by Christie from Raising Whasians.

Woody’s Lunch Box

The place to grab a bite to eat in Toy Story Land is Woody’s Lunch Box, and there many adorable details perfect for photographing. I know lunchtime can get crazy, but don’t miss taking a photo with your kids and the Green Army flanking Woody’s Lunch Box. Also, equally adorable are the Babybel cheese chairs.

(Note, I am also happy to report the meal options are also really good here. I am not always a fan of Disney meals, and Woody’s Lunch Box takes top marks in my book.)

Toy Story Land Woody's Lunchbox Green Army Men

Giant Buzz Lightyear

Dressed like Buzz Lightyear or not, everyone needs a picture in front of Buzz. He’s Buzz! I took a photo of my daughter here, but I saw lots of selfies going on in front of Buzz too. You can’t miss him by the entrance to Alien Swirling Saucers.

Toy Story Land Buzz Lightyear

Alien Car

I wanted to get a picture of my kids in the Alien Swirling Saucers cars, but it was a mad rush so I was told to check out the “selfie” car. It isn’t quite like the Dumbo car where you can get in it for a photo opp, but you can still stand in front of the alien in a car as the Claw reaches for one of you.

Toy Story Land Green Alien

Luxo Ball AKA Pixar Ball

The most iconic Pixar symbol is the Luxo Ball, and you can find a giant one outside of Toy Story Mania. (Giant is relative, remember you are the size of a toy in Toy Story Land, but even compared to Green Army Men sized toys, it’s a big ball.) Whether you stand and smile, push on it or run away from it (like Indiana Jones), it’s a cute spot for photos.

Toy Story Land Luxo Ball

Building Block Wall

You might not think about the bathroom as the place to take photos, but when it is constructed  with colorful building blocks, it is a must. It’s so bright and colorful, and it is quickly becoming one of the popular Toy Story Land Photo Spots on Instagram. Unfortunately, we missed this hot spot on our first visit because of rain. It is also one of the few covered areas so once it started raining, there was no getting near it for photos. Next visit it will be top of my list.

Toy Story Land Building Blocks Wall

Photo by Christie from Raising Whasians.

Slinky Dog Dash Ride Photos

If not everyone in your party is tall enough to ride, Slinky Dog Dash offers a child swap option. For those waiting while the others ride, the bridge over looking the Slinky Dog slingshot is a great place to watch from. Have someone in your party call when they are boarding, tell them to wave when they get to the slingshot, then as they come around for the final turn you can get a photo of your friends and family on the ride.

Toy Story Land Slinky Dog Rollercoaster

That’s me waving in the blue, photo by my husband.

Slinky Dog PhotoPass

The last of the Toy Story Land Photo Spots is a bit different, it’s the Disney ride photo. But it is important to note. Like Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train, you no longer have to stop at a photo booth to see your photos after the ride. Those who are wearing Magic Bands will find their photos automatically (magically?) in their PhotoPass account. Unfortunately, this means those who are using a card ticket with not be able to access their photos as the system needs to “read” the information on your Magic Band as you sling passed. Another plus for Magic Bands.

Slinky Dog Dash Ride Photo

Now that we’ve been to Toy Story Land, we can’t wait to go again. It totally lived up to our expectations, and I want to go back and explore more details. With more photos, of course. We’ll also be sure to visit our top 13 Toy Story Land Photo Spots so we can get more pictures of our favorite spots.

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