Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

When I began to plan my daughter’s 3rd birthday party, there was only one option — she wanted a Toy Story Birthday Party. And from the moment I agreed to make her Toy Story party dreams come true (approximately last January for her October birthday), she told everyone she met, “I am going to be three, and I am going to have a Toy Story  Birthday Party.”

Don’t miss my Free Toy Story Party Printables and find tons of inspirations on my Toy Story Pinterest Board.

Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas
I spent months searching for Toy Story birthday party ideas, taking notes and planning my approach. Finally it was time for the big party, and I believe it was everything my spunky three year old dreamed of.

Toy Story Birthday Party Decorations

Toy Story Party Invitations

The Toy Story party invitations were inspired by Sissy’s “best friends” Woody, Jessie and Buzz and set the tone for all of the other party decorations.

Toy Story Birthday Party Invitation
Of course, I had to make coordinating Thank You notes.

Toy Story Thank You Note

Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

Toy Story Birthday Poster

I spent many late nights crafting the perfect details from Sissy’s favorite Toy Story moments for the party including The Claw.

DIY Toy Story Claw
This DIY Claw was a labor of love. Crafted out of foam board and covered in aluminum foil, it turned out exactly how I wanted, but took a lot more time! Ever Claw needs Green Aliens, so my Claw had a Bucket of Aliens to “grab.”

Homemade Toy Story Claw
Since I planned to serve lunch at the party, a DIY Pizza Planet Sign was a must. I searched all over for the right logo, and finally ended up having my husband help by creating a vector file so I could print it big enough for the sign.

DIY Pizza Planet Sign
To make your own, download the Pizza Planet Logo. The rocket ship is cut out of cardboard, which I spray painted red and white. Then I glued the printed logo on the sign and used a layer of Mod Podge to seal my double-sided sign. (Yes, it is a double-sided sign.)

Toy Story Snacks

Toy Story Birthday Party Outfit

I think my favorite part of the whole party was how cute Sissy was in her Jessie Costume. The shirt says, “Cowgirls Rock,” and she spent weeks repeating that saying.

Toy Story Jessie Birthday Outfit
Sources: Jessie shirt, Jessie Hat (similar), Jessie skirt, Jessie boots. Or cute Jessie dress.

Toy Story Decorations Picture Frame
Before the party I took photos of Sissy in her Toy Story party outfit, and I found the cutest Toy Story picture frame to display it at the party. (It was also one of her favorite birthday gifts!)

Toy Story Birthday Favors And Games

I decided not to do any organized games for the little ones, but I did have a couple of Toy Story games available to play for the bigger kids to play on their own — Toy Story Mania for the Wii and Toy Story Ker Plunk (I found Ker Plunk at a local consignment shop).

For favors each kid received a Toy Story Pez dispenser tied with a Toy Story Thank You tag. I also lucked out and found red foam cowboy hats at the Dollar Store (for Halloween). With a hole punch and two sizes of white ribbon I was able to transform them into Jessie hats for all of the girls. (And one black Woody Hat for the loan boy.)

Toy Story Party Favors Decorations

Toy Story Food Ideas

Pizza wasn’t the only thing served at our Pizza Planet. The birthday lunch included:

Toy Story Food Ideas
When I asked Sissy what she wanted for a cake, she asked for a chocolate cake with Woody, Jessie and Buzz and sprinkles. So we picked out a store-bought cake with balloons and sprinkles and I added Woody, Jessie and Buzz figurines to the cake. She was delighted.

Update for Toy Story 4, these Forky Cupcakes would be perfect for a Toy Story Party!

Toy Story Forky Cupcake Idea

Toy Story Mr. Potato Head Craft

Out of all of my projects for the party, the Mr. and Mrs. Potato head craft project was the most time-consuming to prep. My sweet husband spent many nights tracing and cutting out parts on my behalf while I worked on other projects.

You never know how well an idea will go over with kids, so I was crazy excited that the kids adored the project. Every single kid sat down to make Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. It was awesome.

Make your own Mr and Mrs Potato Head craft with printable parts.

Mr. Potato Head Craft

Toy Story Photo Booth

I love to use photobooths for a party because they are a natural way to take pictures of partygoers and make a great memory for everyone. I created a photobooth background by taping white clouds on my blue wall. (If you don’t have a blue wall, you can get the same look by taping up a blue tablecloth.)

Download the clouds template here.

Toy Story Etch A Sketch Photobooth
My favorite photobooth prop was the DIY Etch Sketch frame. I made the signs using my Chalk Board Sign Photobooth props template. For the Toy Story photobooth props, I used the props designed by Merriment Design.

More Etch Sketch photobooth details coming soon.  (The Etch A Sketch font is “Connected” from the Lyrical Letters Cricut cartridge.) 

Toy Story Photobooth Props

Toy Story Decorations

There were a lot of little details that made this party special.

Toy Story Printables

Whew! That’s a lot of details for one post! (It’s a lot of detail for one party too, but that’s another story!) All of the printables from my party — cupcake toppers, signs, bunting, banners, etc. are available free. Get all of the Toy Story Party Printables here.

For now, don’t miss the 12 Toy Story Coloring Pages I rounded up.

Buzz Woody Jessie Coloring Page

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  2. This party is AMAZING!! You are so creative! I was wondering if you had a place to purchase your amazing printables?! I would love them for my son’s 2nd birthday!

  3. Love this! I’m planning a TS party for my daughter now, and you have so many of the ideas I was planning to do too! Where did you find the Jessie hats and rockets with mini aliens?

  4. Hello Jen,

    I’m also doing the same theme for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I was wondering if you have the signs with her name on it or anything that says Sydney’s Story left for sale?

    Please let me know.
    Thank you,

  5. I absolutely love what you did for your daughter’s toy story party. My son is turning 4 and we are doing toy story, as well. Do you have anything for sale and would like to get rid of? Thank You! Felicia Gonzales

    • Hi Felicia – Thank you so much. It was defiantly a labor of love. Unfortunately, I sold all of the items I made this summer.

  6. This has been the inspiration for my son’s 2nd birthday! How did you get the clouds for the background? The only piece I’m missing!

  7. Could you email me the cloud image too please? I have already made a photo booth and have been searching for a background for it. This would be perfect! Great party! Love the claw and aliens too. Perfect extra touch.

  8. Did you make the Sydney Story 3 sign? We’re doing toy story 3 for him and i would love to make him a sign like this =)

  9. This has been the inspiration for both my boys’ birthday!
    I just can’t the clouds down…Could you email me the cloud image too please? I have been struggling with my back drop

  10. Hi
    I came across your post through Pinterest and absolutely love every decoration!
    I was wonder about the Sydney Story 3 sign? We are having a toy story theme birthday party as well for my son, and I am so interested in this sign. I believe you have an epsy shop, can you provide me with the name of your shop please? Also is it possible if you can email me the cloud image? Did you use a blue plastic table cloth for the background?
    Thanks I appreciate it

  11. Since doing this party are you selling or doing anything off etsy? My daughter 3rd birthday is coming up and really wants a toy story party!! I’d love to do the mr and mrs potato cutouts.

  12. FABULOUS ideas, and I am SO appreciative of your time to share! Would love to purchase a custom invite if you are still selling them. Thanks!

  13. Hi jen,

    I wish I could be as creative as you appear to be! Every detail turned out amazing. I am also going with the toy story theme for my son’s first birthday and am dying to know if you are willing to share your printable. Thanks in advance.

  14. Hi Jen!

    I love all your ideas! My son’s birthday is coming soon and we are planning to have a toy story party. I just want to ask what are the dimensions of your etch a sketch prop?


    • Hi Marisse – Thank you so much. I used a 20×30 piece of foam board from the Dollar Store (2 for $1) for the Etch A Sketch. I don’t remember how big I made the opening, but it was just whatever looked good when I looked at it. LOL. I think the frame was about 4 inches or so. The “knobs” were cut from the foam board middle that I didn’t need. Hope that helps.

    • I am lucky my daughter has a fall birthday, so I found them in the Halloween section at the dollar store. I am really not sure where you would be able to find them off season, especially in bulk. Sorry!

  15. We’re doing a huge Toy Story bash for my little boy’s 1st Bday! Where in the world did you get the tiny aliens from the claw machine? I’ve been looking everywhere for some for some Goody Bags!

  16. Amazing ideas! I’m putting the final touches on my son’s party and was wondering how exactly you made the claw? I have the foam board and foil, not sure what to do next lol. Thank you so much!

    • I didn’t take pictures of the step by step because I made it up as I went, so I never wrote a tutorial. But basically, I sketched the shape with a pencil, and then used an Xacto blade to cut it out. You will need two claw shapes, which you will fit together. In one shape you will cut a slit down the top, in the other from the bottom up. That will let you slip them together at a cross. (Cover with foil first.) Then hang with monofilament. Hope this helps and good luck!

    • Funny story. When my husband’s grandmother past, we ended up with many framed family photos. The frames were the gold metal frames you could buy at drug stores in the ’80s – not my style. But I can’t throw anything away. With a little spray paint, I converted them into my favorite party decor – they have been painted and repainted several times to match the theme. So any cheap frame and some spray paint will work.

      I made all of the printables. 😉

  17. Where did you get the price to out of the banner above the favor table, I need it for this weekend…my son’s 3rd bday party.

  18. Hi there. I love the way everything looked. It looked very well thought out and beautiful. I’m wanting to throw my son a toy story themed birthday party in a few months and I want to steal one of your ideas 🙂 because it’s so amazing!
    I’d love to know where to get the potatoe head printables as a craft to do at my sons party!

  19. Awesome birthday party!! Thanks for the cool ideas. My son’s 4th is coming up and will be ‘borrowing’ some of your idea!
    Thanks for sharing!

  20. Hi, great party ideas! I wanted to see where you may have gotten the Toy Story Banner printables or if you made them. This is for a 2nd birthday so I was hoping they had them with a 2 instead of a 3.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • I think you are referring to the banner with the characters each holding the “3.” Those were actually the movie posters for Toy Story 3. It’s the one thing I didn’t have to create because Pixar already had, I just printed the images. Sorry!


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