Air Unlimited Sanford Semi-Private Flights To The Bahamas For Families

If a semi-priviate jet to a tropical island sounds like the start of a dream vacation, then pay attention because I am going to tell you about a hidden gem. It’s easier and less expensive than you imagine, but it is just as glamorous and as exciting as it sounds. Seven days a week, Air Unlimited flies families (yes, kids too!) to and from the Bahamas for a round-trip vacation that is sure to fly to the top of your bucket list.

Private Jet Junior Pilot

Air Unlimited invited us on a complimentary sunset flight, however, all opinions are my own. 

Air Unlimited Sanford Services

I’ll admit, a semi-private jet to the Bahamas wasn’t even on my radar until very recently, but by the time we were finished our sunset flight my husband was checking the calendar to see when we could squeeze in a family getaway.

Air Unlimited has a commuter status and offers four daily flights to Marsh Harbour and Treasure Cay in the Bahamas from Sanford, Florida. It also offers charter service for those who want to book a flight to anywhere they can imagine, but for this post I am going to concentrate on those daily flights to the Bahamas.

Air Unlimited Fly Enjoy Return

Like a traditional commercial airline, with the commuter flights you go online and book by the seat as many seats as you need. Then you arrive for your flight and board the plane with anyone else who booked seats to the Bahamas that day. But that’s where the similarities to a standard commercial flight end. With Air Unlimited you skip TSA check points, parking fees (and hassles), trams, baggage claim (or fees), a busy airport, and so much more.

Air Unlimited Advantages

Upon arriving at Air Unlimited, we parked our car in the parking lot in front of the main entrance. After being greeted at reception and checking in, we had a seat in the waiting lounge before walking directly out to the plane. This deserves repeating — no TSA checks or long lines! We walked from our car and were ready to board in ten minutes. It is that simple and that different from traditional air travel.

Besides the ease of travel, it is a very fancy way to travel. There is just something so cool about walking onto the tarmac and climbing the stairs to board a small jet.

Boarding Air Unlimited Flight

For those who want to take their family pet on vacation, you will love Air Unlimited. Forget the cargo hold, your pet flys in style with you in your lap.

After our flight, I was curious how the cost stacked up to a traditional flight. Surprisingly, it isn’t that much more. Plus all of the commercial flights from Orlando to Marsh Harbour and Treasure Cay include at least one stop vs with Air Unlimited, you can be in the Bahamas in an hour and a half after a non-stop flight.

A round-trip Air Unlimited flight to the Bahamas starts at $677, including taxes and fees with no additional costs for parking, baggage, etc. (And lap children under two fly free.) Considering that my research showed that a coach ticket (with a stop) to the same island ranges from about $458 – $660 plus parking and baggage fees and a first-class commercial ticket is in the thousands — Air Unlimited has the clear advantage.

Junior Pilot Program

For families traveling with children, Air Unlimited recently added a Junior Pilot program to its flights. Kids are given their own pilots cap and are invited to sit in the cockpit with the pilot to learn about flying. K even had a chance to “take the wheel” and fly the plane. Actually, she got to help LAND the plane. Considering that she is a nervous flyer, this was a huge deal for her. After the flight she was presented with a certificate and photo of her very first flight as a Junior Pilot.

Air Unlimited Junior Pilot

If you are looking to start your next tropical vacation with stress-free travel, Air Unlimited is the way to go. You will avoid all of the hustle and bustle of a busy airport while experiencing the luxury and ease of a semi-private flight.

Who is ready for a trip to the Bahamas? K says she will fly!

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