Walt Disney World Countdown Printable

If you are planning a trip to Disney with your little one, help them keep track of the number of days until the big day with a free Walt Disney World Countdown Printable.

Disney World Countdown Printable

My family and I are headed to the Disney Social Media Moms conference. We are so excited to have another opportunity to attend this conference, and this year the conference is on both land AND sea. That means we will be staying at Walt Disney World for a few days before heading out to see aboard Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Dream. We can’t wait for all of the fun. 

Whether it is your first Disney trip or the 10th, telling the kids is part of the fun. Pinterest is filled with fun ideas about how to tell your kids you are going to Disney  But unless you plan to tell them as you are walking out the door, following the reveal the daily question will begin, “When do we leave for Disney?!” The solution is to help your kids countdown the days.

Disney World Countdown Printable

The daily questions are the reasons we use countdowns for everything. We count down the number of sleeps until a big trip, the start of school, the end of school and major holidays. It helps me answer the question quickly, it helps little ones be part of the process and it’s a great way to practice counting backwards. (I love sneaking lessons into fun.) And did I mention, my kids love it! 

My Disney World Countdown Printable makes it easy. Just download the countdown, print it and pop it in a frame. Then use a washable marker to write the number of days until your trip right on the glass. Each day your kids can wipe off the the number and practice writing the next number (another lesson!). 

Download the Disney World Countdown Printable here


By the way, I love Lil Davinci Art Cabinet Frames for countdown calendars, seasonal signs and my girls artwork. I love it because it makes it super simple to swap out art. 

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Before you know it the countdown will reach 0 and it will be time to start your Disney trip. Grab your camera, fill a bag with snacks and you are off on a great adventure with your family in tow. 

What is the best age to take kids to Disney? The age they are right now! You are never too young (or too old) to be amazed by Disney magic. 

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  1. Thank you so much for providing the Disney Countdown Printable! It is so adorable and we just love it. It will be used many times.


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