Emoji Bookmark Valentine’s Day Cards

My daughter’s favorite thing in the world is to read, and emojis are still super popular with the girls. So, I decided to design Valentines that were perfectly suited to her. I made her Emoji Bookmark Valentine’s Day Cards, and she is thrilled. She can’t wait to give them out in her class, and I am sure it will make her smile when she sees them peeking out of a friend’s book.

LOL Emoji Valentine's Day Card

My kids are all about giving a little gift/candy with their Valentines, so I love that the bookmark Valentine does double duty — a card and gift in one. Easy to make, easy on the wallet and fun to enjoy.

Emoji Bookmark Valentine’s Day Cards

I think I had a little too much fun coming up with the sayings for these cards. Although my daughter isn’t keen on giving the kissy face ones to the boys (LOL), she agreed I did a good job coming up with neutral ones the boys would like.

  • You are the COOLEST Valentine!
  • You make me LOL Valentine!
  • Sending you XOXO Valentine!
  • I think you are SWELL Valentine!
  • You don’t STINK Valentine!

I made these with the idea of adding a tassel on top because it gives it a little something extra. But they also look super cute without the tassel, so it is really up to you. Since my daughter is old enough to make her own tassels, we had fun making them together. It’s really simple and didn’t take us long to knock out 25 of them.

Emoji Valentines Day Bookmarks

If you have Photoshop, you can also save time by adding your child’s name digitally. After making the first few, we decided that’s what we are going to do with the rest. We’d rather spend the time making tassels than writing her name.

My favorite thing about printable Valentines is that you don’t have to go shopping. You can hop on Amazon to order the red yarn and white cardstock, and then you have everything you need to make these from home.

Emoji Bookmarks #ValentinesDay

Of course, you can also have them printed at FedEx too. I didn’t for these, but I often use FedEx for clean, crisp prints. (Be sure to shop through Ebates to earn cash back too.)

Download the Emoji Bookmark Valentine’s Day Cards here.

Use a paper slicer to cut just to the inside of the red outline. Then use a hole punch to punch a hole in the top of each book mark.

DIY Emoji Valentine's Day Card

To create the bookmark tassel – Cut three pieces of red yarn approximately 10 inches long. Fold the yarn in half and feed through the back of the emoji bookmark.

DIY Bookmark Valentine

Tuck the ends through the loop and pull tight.

Printable Emoji Bookmark

I hope your child enjoys passing out these emoji Valentines bookmarks as much as my daughter will.

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Emoji Bookmark Valentines Day Cards

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  1. Thank you for sharing these – they are so cute and my daughter (who has been over class valentines for two years) is going to love handing these out! 😍


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