Celebrate Love With Maggiano’s For A Chance To Win A $5,000 Party

If you could throw a party in honor of anyone in your life, who would you celebrate? Maggiano’s Little Italy wants to know. It’s hosting a contest to celebrate love in a big way. Through the contest you could win up to $5,000 to host a banquet celebration in honor of your very special guest, read on to find out how to enter. 

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Without hesitation, we would celebrate my husband. He is our everything, and he has a big birthday coming up this year. (Shhhh, don’t tell him I told you that, he is in denial.) So if I won, we would celebrate this very special guy with a birthday bash of epic proportion because no one deserves it more.

Whether he is spending a day with us at Disney or helping me mop the floors, we are very thankful to always have a guy who puts his family first. It’s not every guy who is happy to help his wife make online returns and help his daughters sell Girl Scout cookies on his lunch break without batting an eye. And he puts up with all of my shenanigans with a silly smile and, “That’s my wife.”

Husband Wife Selfie

No matter how much he does for our family, he always tries to do more. He shares triumphs in all of our daughters’ successes and accomplishments, including dance recitals and piano concerts, and he goes full-blown papa bear when someone wrongs any of his girls. And there is nothing in the world that makes me more confident and happy in who I am then having him stand beside me.

Although he is not one for the attention being on him, he does love a good party, so I know he would enjoy a special birthday celebration in his honor with all the best Maggiano’s Little Italy has to offer.

Dad and Baby

Maggiano’s Celebrate Love Contest 

To enter Maggiano’s Celebrate Love contest submit a short, 250-word essay about who you want to celebrate and why. Entries will be accepted through March 9, and the winner will receive a $5,000 banquet credit. Enter here

I am sure you already know exactly who you want to celebrate, so take a moment and tell Maggiano’s why that person is so very special. You could be on your way to hosting a Maggiano’s celebration in a big way. Good luck! 

And next time you visit Maggiano’s Little Italy be sure to try two of our favorite dishes, the Johnny Carbonara and the Chicken Saltimbocca. Yum. 

Maggiano's Celebrate Love Contest

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