Go Green With The Gigglin Garden Gang #GoGreenNGiggle #Cbias

By no means do I have a green thumb, you might even say I have a brown thumb. Plants under my care seem to wither instead of flourish.  But since one of the best ways to teach kids about being green is by showing them, and plants are the building blocks to this lesson plan, I currently have four different plants in my house. I believe teaching my daughters about caring for the world around them is an important task, so I’ll even try my hand at a little gardening (over and over again).

When I was young, my mother and I planted a garden every year (well, mom planted I played). It was a real flower garden with rows and rows of carefully tended to plants. Day after day mom tended to our flowers, and I enjoyed picking the flowers and putting them in vases next to my bed. It’s too bad I didn’t get the gardening skill from mom (she still has the prettiest roses around), but I did learn a lot from those gardening lessons (even if it wasn’t how to keep plants alive). I was free to explore my curiosity about nature and learning about moms plants gave me a natural respect for mother nature.

These days K’s natural curiosity for nature is rampant. Discovering what bits of nature she has brought home with her from the playground is an almost daily occurrence. So I was excited when the Go Green and Giggle Garden activity kit arrived. The kit contains a book filled with garden humor, a music CD and a mini gardening kit.

Created by Dana Mauro to help teach children about mother nature, the Gigglin Garden Gang is a cast of colorful joke-telling plants that invite kids to plant a mini garden of their own. When teaching little ones anything, the key is fun and by incorporating a colorful and bright book with a bit of music, this kit has everything a parent needs to make learning about gardening fun.

After reading the book (in the middle of the kitchen (right where we opened the box because she couldn’t wait another moment), K was ready to plant her seeds.  This was the part she had been waiting for, she was so excited. After “planting out seeds,” we placed our little garden on the window sill in her bathroom alongside our other current project, a little Santa head put that we recently planted grass seeds in. Then we were off to dance to her new music.

We can’t wait for our little seedlings to sprout. I can’t promise we’ll be able to successfully transplant our seedlings to the garden to grow sunflowers, but we will give it a whirl and have fun learning and trying. (Wish our little seeds luck!)

See more pictures from our activity in my Google + slideshow.

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