Free Printable Star Wars Valentines

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I asked my four year old what kind of Valentines she wanted to give out this year. I wasn’t the least surprised when she said Star Wars Valentines! Ask and you shall receive little Padawan. Hot off the presses, I give you free printable Star Wars Valentines!

Star Wars Valentines

Free Printable Star Wars Valentines

Not just any Star Wars characters, these Star Wars Valentines feature characters from Star Wars The Force Awakens. Yep! BB-8, Rey, Finn and Kylo!

Originally, I was going to create four designs. But I just couldn’t narrow it down to four characters, so instead I filled the page with eight designs. So you also get R2-D2, a Stormtrooper, Chewy and C3-PO (with the red arm!).

Since these will be my daughter’s class Valentines eight is perfect because I can print enough for the whole class with just two pages.

My daughters like to give a little something with their Valentine’s Day cards, so I started thinking about a little trinket to go with the Star Wars Valentines. Then it hit me — light sabers! Aka glow bracelets. You can pick these up 20 glow bracelets for $1 at Target or the Dollar Store – the perfect price for a classroom full of non-candy Valentines!

If you can’t find glow bracelets at Target right now, Amazon has them in bulk and ships them to you free with Prime!

Glow Light Stick BraceletsGlow Light Stick Bracelets

Seriously, the cuteness is overwhelming me right now!

Printable Star Wars Valentines Cards
Just print the Star Wars Valentines, cut them apart, have your child write their name and tape glow sticks to the backs — instant non-candy Valentines with a treat.

Of course, if you want candy… you could always tape a Milky Way to the back of the Star Wars Valentines. (Get it? HA!)

Download the Star Wars Valentines here.

Click the link above. When the image opens in another window, save it to your computer and print as many as you need.

Oh and if you need a Star Wars Valentines gift, you could always preorder Star Wars The Force Awakens on Amazon. It won’t arrive for months, but you could give an IOU for movie night! If you need something right now, the Star Wars The Force Awakens soundtrack is available.

The printables are free for personal use, please do not try to sell these. Also when linking or pinning, please pin to this post not just the image. Thanks! 

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