Emoji Birthday Party Ideas – Free Printables, Decorations, Food And More

Who would have guessed emojis would become such a thing? Not I. But they are huge in my house so I recently threw an emoji birthday party for my daughter’s sixth birthday. I had a ton of fun creating emoji decorations and party favors. If you have an emoji obsessed kid, I hope this post helps with lots of emoji birthday party ideas and free printables.

Emoji Birthday Party Ideas

Emoji Birthday Party Ideas

My daughter’s favorite emoji is the wink-eye, kissy face. She wanted everything to have that emoji on it. From her outfit to the cake, that was the emoji of the day. Of course, I mixed in plenty of other emojis too, but that one was defiantly featured the most.

For the emoji background, photobooth props and banner I purchase emoji clipart on Etsy here and here. I purchased both sets since there were some from each set my daughter had to have (less than $6 for all!). Then I just printed the emojis I wanted in the sizes needed.

Emoji Birthday Party Invitation

Inspired by their original purpose – text conversations – I designed an emoji birthday party invitation featuring conversation bubbles, text shorthand and emojis with some added flair, of course.

My daughter loved it.

Emoji Birthday Party Invitation

Emoji Birthday Party Free Printables

If your birthday kiddo wants to have an emoji birthday party, my free emoji printables will make it easy. I created several emoji party printables, so all you have to do is have them printed, cut them out and set up for the party.

Although you can print these emoji printables at home, you will get a much better quality having them printed on a laser printed. I printed mine at the local FedEx store. I uploaded the files online and then picked them up. I also shopped through Ebates first to earn cash back on the purchase. (If you don’t already use Ebates, I highly recommend it.)

Emoji Birthday Party

Emoji Birthday Photobooth Props

We love a good photobooth, so I often include a photobooth and themed props in our party. For the emoji photobooth props, I used the same emojis I used for the background, text bubbles from the invitation and some emoji pieces.

Emoji Photobooth Props

The kids had a great time posing for photos. To make it even more fun, I used a Prynt smartphone instant printer to print photos from my phone for the kids to take home. This was a huge hit with kids and parents alike.

Emoji Photobooth Printable Props

Emoji Birthday Party Food Ideas

A couple of days before the party, my oldest and I got very creative with food. Well, not the food exactly, but emojis to represent the food. We a little too much fun making up names. Check out the pictures of the food labels to see what I mean.

Emoji Table Tents

For those who don’t speak emoji, here’s the text version of our food:

  • Pirate’s Booty
  • Fruit Punch
  • Emoji Cookie
  • Fruit Kabob
  • Emoji Popcorn
  • Popcorn Chicken
  • Emoji Pops

Download blank table tents for your party here.

Tip, use PicMonkey to add words or emojis to personalize your table tents for free.

I also found these cute Emoji Movie graham crackers that were perfect for the party. I got mine at Target, but I haven’t seen them there in a while. You can still find them on Amazon as of today.

Emoji Party Food Ideas

Emoji Birthday Party Decorations

Emoji Paper Lanterns

Here is a super easy emoji party decoration you can make in less than 10 minutes (thanks to my free printable). Using a few yellow paper lanterns, I created emoji faces to attach to the lanterns to create floating emoji paper lanterns.

Emoji Paper Lanterns

Emoji Wreath

I don’t know if a wreath is really the right term for what I made, but I hung it on the front door like a wreath so that’s what I am going with. It was really easy and inexpensive to make, it is just tissue paper, cardboard, hot glue and ribbon. I made it in about an hour, and 4 months later it is still hanging on my daughter’s bedroom door.

Tutorial to make your own emoji wreath coming soon.

Emoji Wreath

Emoji Party Table Display

The table display for the emoji birthday party favors was a last-minute idea, but it worked perfect. I was able to use our Instagram gallery wall and transform it into an emoji display. (The emojis are just tucked into the front edges of the frame, I didn’t even move the frames.) Super easy and super cute.

Emoji Party Decorations

Emoji Printable Birthday Sign

The “OMG We are so glad you came!” sign worked perfectly for the favor table. I reuse my white plastic frames for all of my parties and just swap out the art work. In case you are wondering what is in front of the sign, those are emoji tattoos.

Download the emoji birthday sign here.

Tip – download the image via the link above. It is sized as a 4×6 photo. To print at home, choose a print on 4×6 paper. Or send to your local photo place for printing. 

OMG Emoji Party Sign

The emoji decoration that got the most laughs… the poop emoji on the toilet. Oh, the kids loved it! (The poop emoji is part of the clipart pack I purchased on Etsy here.)

Poop Emoji Toilet Decoration

Emoji Birthday Party Favors

I am a big fan of interactive party favors, an activity kids can do during the party and then take home as a treat. Since my daughter has an October birthday, I thought it would be fun to make Emoji Pumpkins.

Prior to the party, I spray painted a mini pumpkin for each child yellow. (Yellow spray paint I used here.) Then as party guests arrived, they were invited to use Sharpies to draw emoji faces on their pumpkins. The kids loved it. It was super easy and everyone got to take home a decorated pumpkin.

Emoji Pumpkin Party Favors

Emoji Slime

If there is anything hotter than emojis, it is slime. So I decided it would be fun to make emoji slime. It turned out super cute and the kids LOVED it. But here is my mom warning. While my daughter was perfectly capable of making slime, not all of the other children were. And those who couldn’t make a MESS – even with parents helping.

I planned this activity outside on our porch, but I didn’t quite anticipate the mess. While my daughter is one of the older Kindergarteners, plenty of her friends recently turned 5 and there was a huge difference. If I had to do it again, I would only do it with an older group. Or make it for them ahead of time.

Want to make your own party favor, check out my emoji slime tutorial. 

Emoji Slime Party Favor

Emoji Party Game

In addition to making emoji slime and emoji pumpkins, we also played pin the emoji. I love games as a way of keeping kids focused and all doing one thing, otherwise, they tend to get a little wild. Since my daughter loves the kissy emoji, I used her favorite emoji along with some elements from the invitation to create my own pin the emoji game.

Next time I need something other than a bandana as a blindfold though, because there was a lot of peeking. HA! But the kids had fun.

Pin The Emoji Game

I also bought Emoji Uno (here) to play at the party. But we ran out of time, so it ended up being a gift for my daughter.

Emoji Birthday Party Outfit

What’s a birthday party without a special outfit? (At least that’s what my daughters say.) Since she loves her emojis I had a shirt made for the birthday girl that she could wear over and over. Her big sister already had an emoji shirt that worked, so I had to buy something for the baby too. LOL. The good news is that my girls have gotten a lot of wear out of their emoji clothes.

Emoji Birthday Outfit

And here is baby sister in her emoji onesie from Etsy here. So cute!

Emoji Onesie Birthday Outfit

Emoji Birthday Party Supplies

While I made many of the party decorations for my party, there are a ton of emoji birthday party supplies that can be purchased. When I started looking, it was everywhere I looked.

Here is a list of what I purchased for the party:

Other things I nearly purchased:

I hope this post helps you plan the best emoji birthday and that you have as much fun at your emoji birthday party as we did. Happy planning! 😃

Emoji Party Family Photo

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  1. These are great ideas! Do you have a download of the emoji faces and poop that were used as decoration, on the toilet, and for the photo props? I am having a hard time figuring how to print emoji faces on yellow card stock. It seems most of the printable son etsy would require white paper and a lot of yellow printer ink. Thanks for any suggestions!

    • Hi Katie – There is a link to where I purchased the images from Etsy in the post. You are correct, they are yellow images intended to be printed on white paper. It gives the best look. I recommend having the images printed at a print shop (I use FedEx). There you will get the image printed on a laser printer without any weird flaws in the printing.

    • Yes, the photo booth props are from the Emoji sets I purchased from Etsy. Those links are in the post. Have a great party.

  2. I love all the decorations. I can’t find the link for the photo booth props or the faces on the wall or the ones you used on the lanterns.

    • The wall decorations, photobooth props and lantern faces were made using images I purchased on Etsy. Links to the images I purchased are now included in the post.

  3. I love your decorations. I am looking to print the emoji wall decorations but can’t get it to work. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

    • Hi Sandra – I don’t have those available to print for free because I purchased those digital files on Etsy. I have added links so you can purchase the images and use them for your party. (They are less than $6 for all.)

  4. Love this! I’m planning an emoji birthday too! What size did you print the images for the photobooth props and the emoji banner?


    • The photobooth props are based on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. So I made the emoji faces as big as I could without being cut off by the printer. The rest of the pieces are all scaled to the faces. The emojis for the banner had a diameter of about 4 inches. Have a great party!!

    • Isn’t that funny? That was my daughter’s favorite. I didn’t design the poop emoji, it was part of the clipart pack I purchased (for $1.99). I added a link to the clipart pack right above the potty picture if you want to buy it.

  5. Hi ,please, please i need your Help. I love you emoji invitation card. I am unable to find the link to print. Could you kindly help me. I need this urgently, sorry. Thank you for your help!!!

    • I am sorry, the invitation is not available as a free download because it has to be customized. If interested in personalization, please email me directly.


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