Organizing My Makeup Drawer: Clean First For The Best Finish

I am slowly but surely working my way through the house trying to set things straight and get organized. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the best organizer, but I am trying — and succeeding bit by bit. This week’s project was my makeup drawer. Let’s take a look at the before. Wait for it…

Messy Makeup Drawer
This post is sponsored by Puracyn, but the organization project is my own.

Yeah. That is how I started each day, looking at that mess. And searching for everything. In that mess, everything I needed was always at the bottom. It wasn’t good.

So, in an effort to start my day with a little less chaos, I tackled this mess — starting first with the trash can.

Before putting anything back in the drawer, I lined the drawer with a pretty aqua and silver wrapping paper. By lining the drawer with pretty paper I am more likely to keep the drawer organized so it looks pretty.

After putting everything back in the drawer I admired my work. What a difference.

Organized Makeup Drawer
In fact, I got so motivated that tackled my medicine cabinet next. A little more cleaning and more of that pretty paper, now I have an organized medicine cabinet. And plenty of space to display my essential oils too.

Organized Medicine Cabinet Young Living

Clean First for the Best Finish

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Puracyn Plus
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Clean First for the Best Finish
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